Tuesday, June 12, 2012

CrossFit 808 - Post Regionals Visit

Yea, CrossFit 808!!!  First place @ the NorCal Regionals!

I went home for Memorial Day weekend to attend my friend's wedding.  Conveniently, it was also the week after the NorCal Regionals, so I was there to congratulate my favorite, CrossFit 808, for kicking  major booty that weekend!  The team placed first!!  Yea yea, Hawaii!  

As always, whenever I'm home, regardless of how short my trip is, hitting at WOD at CrossFit 808 is always on the list.  

Thursday: This was my first time doing a 2000m row, haha, my favorite.  Good thing it wasn't too hot and I was mosquito-bite free.
  • Warm-up:5min mobility, snatch progression
  • 7min EMOM of each, with 3min rest in between each EMOM.  Increase weight.
    • Hang Power Snatch
    • Power Snatch
    • Squat Snatch
  • For time: 2000m Row
2. The WOD board.

3. and the class photo.

Saturday: Partner workout!  Team/partner workouts are my favorite!  They're always a ton of fun.  This one was brutal.
  • Warmup: 5min mobility, agility ladder drills
  • In teams of two, one person working at a time.  For time: 50-40-30-20-10:
    • KBS 1.5/1pood
    • Pull-Up
  • 2min rest
  • In teams of two, one person working at a time.  For time: 50-40-30-20-10:
    • Thruster 95#/65#
    • Box Jump 24"/20" 

4. Partner WOD!

5. 9am crew!

And some new things since I last came:  PR board-ish and a small store.  They started selling hoodies, CrossFit 808 strength wraps, PurePharma fish oil, and RockTape, in addition to apparel and Progenex.

6. i like.

7. Personalized strength wraps.

anddd some more pictures.

8. Me and about 30% of the team: Kyla, Elyse, and Josh!

9. Kyla, Brandi, and Elyse stoked when Joe PRed his snatch @ NorCal Regionals.

10. on top!

Congratulations again to the CrossFit 808 team for placing first at the NorCal Regionals, and to Elyse for a superb job in the elite individuals division!  Way to represent Hawaii!  I am super stoked to watch and cheer on CrossFit 808 at the games!!!  When I'm not in the Khalipa tee, you can find me reppin' the CrossFit 808 highlighter tank for sure.  

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