Thursday, August 1, 2013

2013 USAW Senior National Championships!

Team Catalyst @ Nationals!

Last Saturday I competed in the 2013 USA Weightlifting Senior National Championships in West Chester, Ohio... my first national-level competition in anything!!  I competed in the 48kg A session as an individual and also as a part of the Catalyst Athletics women's team!

There was a good number of athletes from Catalyst Athletics who competed at Nationals: Alyssa Sulay, Blake Barnes, Chyna Cho, Jessica Salvaggio, Jolie Gentry, Tamara Solari, and our coach, Greg Everett, himself!  I'm so proud of my teammates for dominating on the platform.

My Experience at the Meet.
Strange enough, I wasn't as nervous for Nationals as I was for the qualifications.  Honestly, I was just grateful and happy to even make it to Nationals.  Since I had the lowest entry total by far, I treated it like a one-time experience (who know's if I can qualify again next year).  I went in with a positive attitude and gave it everything I had.  I knew I wasn't going to win since the competition in the 48kg weight class was fierce.  We had the most competitors and a good number of them were really strong, like strong enough to qualify for the A session of the 53kg weight class.  The top 48 girl, Morghan King snatched 70kg, clean and jerked 86kg to total 156kg... at 48kg bodyweight!  How impressive is that?  Watching them lift was so motivating and inspirational.  It was such an honor to be grouped with them and lift in the same session.

My goal for Nationals was to total.  Hey, I'm not flying halfway across the country to scratch.  My stretch goal was not to come in last place, haha.  I made my first two snatches at 48 and 50, and missed at 52kg.  Unfortunately, I got distracted when one of the judge's phone rang during my initial pull at 52.  Whatever, it happens.  For my clean & jerks, I made my opening lift at 60.  For my second lift at 63, I got three white lights, but then the jury overturned the decision and called it a no lift since my shoulder wiggled.  That sucks, but whatevers, since I made my third lift at 64kg... a PR clean and jerk and also, a PR meet total!  I totaled 114kg, tying two other girls.  However since I had the lower bodyweight, I was ranked higher and hence I made my goal of not coming in last place!  Overall, I placed 9th and even better, our women's team took home BRONZE!!!

Jolie, snatch
Alyssa, snatch.

A cool collage hookgrip made for Greg on the clean.

Me, locking out on the jerk.  I was most nervous about this movement!

Blake, snatch.

Jessica, clean.
Chyna, jerk.
Tamara, jerk on the live feed.
My awesome coach, Greg Everett!
The first thing I did after lifting... ICE CREAM!!!
2013 USAW Senior National Championships: Results 2013 | Team Results 2013 | 2013 Info

I am SO THANKFUL for the tremendous amount of support I had for this competition.  First, I want to thank my coach, Greg Everett for coaching me through my first Nationals competition: from the crazy heavy single waves preparation cycle to onsite event coaching to putting up with me.  Kevin Doherty for assisting Greg coach all his athletes at the event.  Aimee, for coaching and helping me with my travels and bookings.  The entire Catalyst team and family, both onsite/off for being my #1 fans (and also the loudest)!  Colin, for flying to Ohio to be my moral support.  Aaron, Deborah, Freddie, and Jeff for making the trip out to watch all of us lift.  My friends, family, and my blog readers for watching me lift through the live streaming early Saturday morning.  You were all the best support crew one can ask for :).

Great job to all the competitors and especially the entire Catalyst team!  Bronze!!!  What makes us special is we are a team and we act like a team.  We're all genuinely happy for each other's successes, and we all have each others backs through ups and downs.

After watching a weekend full of weightlifting, people setting new American records, and inspirational athletes, I am so fired up for Americans in December.  We're going for GOLD!  I am determined to work on my weaknesses and get stronger for Americans.  So much to come!

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