Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Norcal Regionals - Summary

NorCal CrossFit @ Regionals!

Congratulations to Jason Khalipa for winning first place at the CrossFit Games NorCal Regionals!  And to Neal Maddox for second place!  It was unbelievable to watch the two alternate between first and second place on each event!  Also congratulations to Alex Rollin, Garret Fisher, and Miranda Oldroyd (might as well join our gym lady!) for a top 15 finish!!  And congratulations to our team for finishing the weekend strong!  A lot of phenomenal performances and a lot of PRs.  It was a really great weekend!

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It was a huge honor to be on the team this year in one of the toughest regions.  Thousands of people tried, and only the top 60 men and women, and top 30 teams made it to Regionals.  This and the Sac Throwdown were the only two athletic competitions I participated in.  The competition taught me a lot of things and exposed a lot of my weaknesses.  There are so many external factors that can shake up performance.  For example, I melted in the heat.. so much for being Hawaiian bread.  So being able to adapt to climate changes is something I need to work on, in addition to strength.  During the heat of the weekend, I was pretty bummed and disappointed in myself.  I had high expectations for myself and came short of them.  I may have been upset in the moment, but in retrospect, I know I tried my best, and I know my team members tried their best.  We worked our asses off and I am proud of our performance!

2. NorCal Regionals

3. The team with our Coach Taz: Sal, Gary, Liz, Me, Nate, and Cheryl.  We finished 20th !

4. Coach Alex with a solid top 15 finish overall!

5. Garret in 7th!

6. And Miranda, also in 7th!

7. Neal and Jason finishing on top!

The competition was so intense.  Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who participated!  It was a great and memorable experience!  Check out the final standings here.  Also, a HUGEEEEEE thank you to everyone who came out this past weekend!  Thank you for the endless support!  NorCal CrossFit definitely had the best cheerleading and support crew out there, for sure. 

I have a ton of pictures from my camera to sort through.  More detailed posts on Regionals to come soon!

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