Monday, January 9, 2012

CrossFit 808 - Holiday Edition

So glad this is banner size now!!  So true!

While home I worked out a bunch at Elyse's box, CrossFit 808.  Not much has changed since I last visited except this time I got to meet two of the other trainers: Coach Josh and Coach Cheyne!

It feels really homey here.  I kind of like how the WODs have to be done in multiple heats.  Motivation gets turned up a notch since there is more loud cheering and your partners become extra encouraging.  For more popular class times, WODs have to be done in multiple heats due to space and equipment limitations.  Space is hard to find in HI!

I stopped by three times while home: 12/23 (first WOD while on vacation!), 12/26 and 12/28.  They are still on a main-site-ish streak so this is what we did:

Friday, 12-23-2011:
  • Hang Power Clean: 5x3
  • 4 cycles: 2min AMRAP:
    • 20 Wall Ball Shots 20# to 10'
    • Max pull-ups
    • 2min rest
    I don't know how many times I got hit in the face from sweaty hands on the wall ball.  Working out in the heat is hard!
Monday, 12-26-2011:
  • 8min AMRAP:
    • 10 Deadlifts 275#
    • 10 Burpees
  • 8min rest
  • 8min AMRAP:
    • 10 Squat Clean 135#
    • 10 GHD Sit-Ups
Wednesday, 12-28-2011:
  • Skills Practice: strict muscle-up, strict handstand push-ups, double unders
  • For time:
    • 10 Muscle-ups
    • 100 Push Press 75#
    • 1000m Row
    I was going to take a rest day but to my luck this WOD was posted the night before and when I saw muscle-ups, I HAD TO GO.  I can't believe Rich Froning did this workout completely unbroken!  Beast mode right there.

2. Awesome WOD buddies: Nicole and Marsha.

3. Finally got to meet Coach Josh!

4. Elyse and I... with chalk prints on myself after the deadlift workout.

5. Final WOD Board for the 3 days.

6. 12-23-2011 Noon-ers.

7. 12-26-2011 3pm gang.

8. 12-28-2011 4pm crew.

9. Marking my territory.  No worries, I clean.  One of my NY goals: chill on the chalk.

10. mmmm tequila.  basically me all of break.

Definitely still one of my favorite boxes to visit!... even though it now apparently takes me 45 minutes to get there from Hawaii Kai (Hawaii traffic, wtf?).  One huge thing I took away from CF808 is I need to learn how to WOD in heat, or in any uncomfortable weather situation really.  I was dying under the hot Hawaiian afternoon sun even before the WOD started.  Just like how I lose a lot of time chalking up for fun, I probably spent a lot of time wiping all the dripping sweat on my face generated during the WOD.  Also, my friend high school friend Kellen is a member at CF 808!  We tried to coordinate a WOD together but kept missing each other by an hour. :(

Thanks for letting me stop by a bunch!  I'll be back for sure!

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