Thursday, March 8, 2012

CrossFit 808 and FGB

Jack & Danyelle!

Every time I go home, I always stop by to hit a WOD at Jack's FGB home gym and Elyse's CrossFit 808.  When I am in the Bay Area, I stalk their blog and such.  I love the crowd, atmosphere, coaching, and the programming.  So glad to get a visit in at both gyms last week!

FGB Hawaii Kai: Jack's home gym just gets bigger and bigger every time I come home.  This time they got a new ski erg and flying pull-up bar!  Oh yeah and congratulations to Danyelle for making it on to the WOD gear team!!!  Bummed out I missed the crazy Miagi WOD on Saturday but at least I made it in!  The workout on Sunday was "Skinny Fat Helen."  I did some variant of Helen like three times this past month, the most brutal at the Sac Throwdown.  This one was just as much fun.

"Skinny Fat" Helen - 3 rounds for time:
  • 200m run
  • 21 KBS 2/1.5pood
  • 12 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

CrossFit 808: On my last day at home, I made the drive out to CrossFit 808.  Hawaii traffic makes it far.  It took me almost an hour to get there from Hawaii Kai, Monday morning!  Upon arrival I was immediately greeted by Elyse and hungry mosquitos.  Within the first five minutes, I already had 5 mosquito bites... in the worse places possible and all probably from the same mosquito!  At least it wasn't blistering hot this time (I'm a big baby).  Despite my minor issues, I still absolutely love coming here!

I barely made it to the 8:30am class.  I have been to the noon class, afternoon class, and evening classes.  The 8:30am class is probably the most temperature friendly.  Anyway, this is what we did:
  • 5x5 Shoulder Press
  • For time:  21-18-...-6-3: 
    • Front Squats 135#/95#
    • Sit-Ups

Some pictures:
2. Burpees!

3. New ski erg!

4. Skills practice on the rig.  Flying pullup bar on the left.

5. "Skinny-Fat Helen"

6. Monday morning crew at CrossFit 808.

7. Elyse and I.

8. WOD board.  Small AM classes.  I don't think I'll ever make it to the 6am class.

9. New 808 shirts!

As usual, I had a blast at both FGB Hawaii Kai and CrossFit 808.  I am excited to come back in May!!  Hopefully that means beach WOD with Jack and Danyelle and actually getting a small size tank at 808 =P 

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