Tuesday, June 5, 2012

NorCal Regionals - Individual

Jason Khalipa, 2012 NorCal Regionals winner!

This was my second year attending the NorCal Regionals and this year was even more amazing to watch than last year.  Not just because NorCal is stacked, or how ridiculous it was to watch Jason and Neal alternate between first and second place for each workout, but also because there was a lot of representation from NorCal CrossFit in the individual division: Jason, Neal, Alex, Miranda, Jackie, and Garrett (Pat qualified too but was out due to appendicitis).  Their performances were really, really impressive.  I think the workouts in Regionals this year were on the heavier end so it was also really inspiring to watch some of the smaller ladies like Annie Sakamoto and my home girl, Elyse Umeda, dominate the workouts.

Like that for the team, there were six workouts total, two workouts per day.  All athletes were required to participate the first five workouts and then the top eighteen advance to the final workout.  The top three women, and four men (since Jason auto qualifies) overall get to compete at the CrossFit Games in July!

Some of the photos below were taken by Gymnastics WOD.  Big thank you to them for taking photos!

WOD 1: Diane.  9min cap.  For time. 21-15-9:
  • Deadlift 225#/155#
  • Handstand Pushup
Jason finished this workout almost as fast as Chris Spealler, and he kipped all his HSPU!  He also PRed his Diane time.  Pretty sweet!

2. Neal, Joey, and Jason on deadlifts.

3. Noel Famy and Garrett on HSPU.

4. Alex with unbroken deadlifts.

5. Elite heat on HSPU.

WOD 2: Row/Pistol/Hang Clean.  17min cap.  For time:
  • 2000m row
  • 50 Pistols, alternating legs
  • 30 Hang Cleans 225#/135#
Jason set the world record on this workout with a time of 11:24!

6. Alex, first off the rower!

7. Jason, first of the rower!

8. Elite men heat on pistols.

9. Neal has the fastest pistols I've ever seen.

10. Elyse!!

11. Miranda powering through the cleans.

12. Annie Sakamoto and Jenny LaBaw.

13. Jason and Neal almost done!

WOD 3: Dumbbell Snatch / Sprint.  10min cap.  Four rounds for time:
  • 10 one-arm DB Snatches 100#, alternating arms
  • Sprint
Neal set the world record for this workout!

14. Yea Alex!!

15. WOD3.

16. Elite crew cheering Noel on.

WOD 4: Chipper. 22min cap.  For time:
  • 50 Back Squats 135#/95#
  • 40 Pull Ups
  • 30 Shoulder-to-Overhead 135#/95#
  • 50 Front Squats 85#/65#
  • 40 Pull Ups
  • 30 Shoulder-to-Overhead 85#/65#
  • 50 Overhead Squats 65#/45#
  • 40 Pull Ups
  • 30 Shoulder-to-Overhead 65#/45# 
It was so hot when the teams did this workout, and even hotter when the individuals did it.  I'm so glad no one had a heat stroke.  Major props to Jason for a first place finish in the workout!  

17. Unbroken back squats.

18. Men on first set of pullups.

19. Back to squats

20. Alex on shoulder to overhead.

21. OHS.

22. Garret's impressive finish

23. Dave Castro cooling Jason off.

WOD 5: Snatch Ladder with Double Unders
.  Athletes have 50 seconds to complete 20 double unders and one snatch.  Athletes who made the lift may advance to the next platform.  10s transition.  If the athlete fails the lift, he/she has the choice to re-attempt the lift or attempt to get extra double-unders (as a tie breaker).
  • Female: 105, 115, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 150, 155, 160, 165, 170, 175, 180, 185
  • Male: 155, 165, 175, 185, 195, 205, 215, 225, 235, 245, 255, 265, 275, 285, 295
A lot of scary lifts on the snatch ladder.  I can't believe stuff like diving down onto knees counted as a rep.  So glad no one got injured.  Regardless, it was impressive to watch.  Jason PRed his snatch to 255#!

24. Elyse!  135#.

25. Miranda hitting her PR!  150#.

26. Sarah Hopping power snatched 180#!

27. Alex @ 225#.

28. Synchronized snatching, lol.  This was so cute.

29. DU fun.

30. Jason PRs his snatch!  255#.

31. Neal, 275#!

WOD 6: 17min cap.  For time:
  • 3 rounds:
    • 7 Deadlift 345#/225#
    • 7 Muscle Ups
  • 3 rounds:
    • 21 Wall Ball Shots 20#/14# to 10'
    • 21 Toes-to-Bar
  • 100ft Farmer's Carry, 2 -100#/70# DB
  • 28 Burpee Box Jumps 24"/20"
  • 100ft Farmer's Carry, 2 - 100#/70# DB
  • 3 Muscle Ups
This was probably my favorite workout to watch.  I can't believe Annie and Elyse did the 225# deadlifts unbroken for all three rounds!  Impressive!  Power to the little people!  

32. Annie with unbroken deadlifts at 225#!

33. Elyse!!!  Her MUs were so pretty!

34. Noel and Alex on TTB.

35. Farmers carry.

36. Men's final heat!

37. Burpee box jumps.

38. Jason's final muscle up!

I enjoyed watching our trainers and all the athletes compete!  Congratulations to all who made the podium, and to Jason for winning Regionals again this year!!!  World records were set.  PRs.  Plenty impressive performances, for sure.  Also, Hawaii made some noise!  CrossFit 808 won the team division, and Elyse, Noel, Adam, and Dirty kicked some major booty in the individual division.  Looking forward to the games in July!

39. Ladies going to the games from NorCal: Jenny LaBaw, Annie Sakamoto, and Candace Hamilton Hester.

40. Men: Jason Khalipa, Neal Maddox, Gabe Subrey, and Joey Warren.

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