Thursday, January 9, 2014

EvoFit Enso Roller (Muscle Roller)

EvoFit Enso Roller (Muscle Roller)

About a month ago I was asked to review EvoFit's brand new enso / muscle roller.  The Enso roller was released in the beginning of December.  It's unlike any roller out there in the market today.  Clever in design, the enso roller is completely customizable through adjustable discs.  You can use it as a roller or a hand-held massage device, and then strip it down for travel.  Since receiving it, the enso roller has dramatically helped my recovery and immediately became my favorite roller to date!

Before I was introduced to the enso roller, my favorite roller was the Trigger Point foam roller.  Now when I compare the enso roller to any other roller, there's no competition.  What I like best about the enso roller is the ability to massage an entire area and/or pinpoint knots and dig in from there.

What I like about the Enso Roller:
  • Fully customizable!  The adjustable discs allow you to use it as a targeted roller or a handheld massage device!  They are also so easy to adjust and remove.  Check out the many ways to configure it.
  • Ideal for applying pressure to targeted areas.  It works perfectly for loosening those knots in your back, leg, etc.  I love to roll out my back with all the discs on in one configuration and then remove a couple, push them all together and use it to roll my IT band.  I like how it can apply pressure to particular areas and avoid the bone or places that feel fine.
  • Personalized.  Through the adjustable discs the enso roller easily conforms to different body types and also to training and recovery needs.
  • Thoughtful, clever design.  Major props here.  The EvoFit Enso roller is light.  The discs are wrapped with foam, and the aluminum tubes have grooves in it so that the discs easily snap into a desired location.
  • Piggybacking off of design, the enso roller is GREAT for travel.  The issue with most foam rollers is that they're bulky and take up all the space in your suitcase.  With the enso roller, you can easily remove all the discs and pack the parts wherever you want.  I so wish this came in before I left for Americans!
  • Smaller travel version.  The travel version weighs about 1/2 as much at approximately 1 pound and has 6 adjustable discs instead of 8.
  • Great for any time.  Post or pre-workout or in front of the TV, whenever!

Some things that could use improvement:
  • Possibly a steep price point.  The enso roller is priced at $89, and the travel roller for $69, without shipping.  However, I think it's well worth it, especially if you don't have time/money to go to a massage therapist.

2. 3min introductory video

3. OOTB configuration.

4. all 8 discs pushed together

5. side view

6. a disc

5. Me rolling my IT band & also, one of my favorite configurations

The EvoFit enso roller is easily one of the best foam rollers out there in the market.  The ability to target knots, ease of configuration, and versatility are just a few of the many reasons why I like it.  If you have a ton of knots in your back and legs like me, or if you're looking to dramatically improve your recovery, I highly recommend you check out the EvoFit enso / muscle roller!!!