Thursday, September 19, 2013

CrossFit 808

Back @ 808

Every time I've been home so far, I've stopped in at CrossFit 808.  I come here so often, I'm in their system.  It's the only box I've been to multiple times over the past few years that has stayed the same, across all: people, space, equipment, community. 

This was my first CrossFit workout since Nationals!  We did the hero workout, Hotshot 19.  Though, I did push ups instead of all those power cleans!  Man it's been awhile since I did cardio!
  • Warm-up: leg swings, lunges, pigeon, arm circles, hip circles, 5min free style mobility
  • "Hotshot 19": 6 rounds for time:
    • 30 Air Squats
    • 19 Power Clean 135#
    • 7 Strict Pull Ups
    • 400m Run
2. The WOD board.

3. Saturday workout

4. minimal changes

5. Josh and I

I believe the community gets larger every time I come back and it's amazing how they make their current space work out.  Can't wait to visit again next time!

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