Thursday, September 15, 2011

CrossFit 808

9am Labor Day Crew at CrossFit 808!

Next up was Elyse Umeda's gym, CrossFit 808, in Kalihi.  I was super excited to come here since Elyse is one of my favorite CrossFit all-stars!   I emailed Elyse my intention to visit and signed up for the 9am class on Labor Day.  

When I arrived, I was immediately greeted by Elyse and a few members who were hanging out outside.  As I walked into CF808, it reminded me of the Nasty Girls video because it kind of looks like "the original" CrossFit.  One of the reasons why I started CrossFit was because of that video.

Recently they have been on a mainsite-ish streak.  Except on days where the mainsite workout is of the form "strength AxB", they will usually do a short met-con in addition.  They also still have WODs on "Rest Day's".  Good thing I got there early to find out that the WOD had a bunch of heavy front squats.  I am currently on the 20-rep back squat program so I had to make a quick substitution to get my reps in that day instead of the next day.  I hate cherry-picking workouts but the last time I did something similar, my hammies were so destroyed for 20-rep back squat day; I could barely squat.

The Labor Day WOD was:
  • Warm-up and skills practice: 5min Lacrosse ball roll out, leg swings, thigh stretch against wall/pole.
  • Strength: 5x3 Front Squat
  • For time:
    • 30 Front Squats 185#/125#
    • 1000m Row at damper setting 5
    My time was 6:57 at 83# front squat.  I could have gone heavier on the front squat, and faster on the rower (blah, my rowing needs help).  Instead of the front squat sets I did my 20-rep back squat routine (which I made the set, probably because of all the support I got!).

Some things I really liked here:
  • Class quality.  I can only speak for Elyse, since she was the only trainer I met at CF808.  Her classes are superb!  Her dedication to the community and each member's fitness, health, and overall-being is very obvious and unmeasurable.  At the start of class, Elyse signs you in by writing your name on the whiteboard.  After warm-up and going over the WOD, she reviews the movements.  While people were doing their front squat, she went around and helped them with their form and encouraged them.  Ample time was given for the strength portion.  Before hitting the WOD, Elyse started setting up for the WOD, making sure each rower at the damper setting set at 5 and such.  She divided the class into two heats.  During the WOD, Elyse, members in the next heat, and those who were early for the 10am class cheered us on.  As we each finished, she recorded our times on the whiteboard and what weights we used.
  • The members and the community.  Everyone motivated and encouraged each other.  People stayed around after their heat has finished to encourage others.  Many people would come in early and stick around after class.  People bring food to eat and socialize there.  Felt very homely.
  • "In 30 days, I want to..." board.  A goals board with time specified!  Also, if you accomplish your goal, your photo gets taken and posted on the website!  What an awesome idea!
  • Super clean and organized!  It looks like it gets cleaned daily.  Equipment is easy to find and neatly stored.  After the WOD, everyone helps clean up, everyone's equipment.  People don't just put away the equipment they used in the WOD.
  • Motivational quotes all over the gym.
  • Meaningful, imformative, and community-centric blog posts.  New members and visitors get a warm hello, leaving members get a bittersweet goodbye, and those who over-achieved, accomplished a goal, or made a big effort also get recognized.  Also, continuing along with the motivational quotes, each blog post starts with a quote.
  • This is the only box on the island with free water... cold and filtered!!!  Had to put this as a big plus.
  • Awesome holiday hours!  A lot of gyms will only have 1 class on holidays, but CrossFit 808 had 4 classes available: 6am, 8am, 9am, and 10am.
  • Keiki area (seems to be a common theme around boxes in HI), CrossFit Kids, and showers.

Some things that could use improvement:
  • A bigger location.  They grew so fast!  I know space is hard to find, but once something is found, totally get some toys like prowlers, sleds, walls, parallettes, etc.  At least they are doing everything they can to ensure quality training and safety.  For example, multiple heat WODs, class sign-ups for special classes and holiday classes, etc.  Classes still feel personal.
  • Possibly a class on Sunday's.

Some pictures:
2. Entrance to CrossFit 808.

3. Daily WOD board on the left, monthly WODs on the right, and little cubbies on the bottom.

4. Motivational quotes were everywhere!  Just a up top here.

5. ...and at the hallway to the bathroom

6. I took this image from the website, since it got set up a few days after I left.  You complete the sentence, "In 30 days I want to....", then sign and date it.  Absolutely love this idea!

7. Public recognition and praise for those who accomplish their goals!  Congratulations Kevin (and I hope you don't mind me putting your picture on my blog =P)!

8. Equipment neatly organized. 

9. Racks, GHDs, and kitchen. 

10. 8am crew getting their strength work in!

11. 9am Heat 2 crew hitting it hard!

12. Elyse Umeda, no ka oi!

13. Elyse and I.

CrossFit 808 is one of favorite boxes to visit!  I would love to meet the other trainers next time I am home!  Thanks for letting me stop by and for letting me do my back squats!!

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