Friday, November 14, 2014

CrossFit 808 -- New Location!

CrossFit 808's New Location!

Whenever I go home, I love visiting CrossFit 808 as it's one of my favorite CrossFit boxes on the island!  This time around, they just moved into their new location, which is almost 6x as big as their previous one!  Finally the bigger, much needed gym!

In the new location, they have a few platforms in the back.  Instead of doing the CrossFit workout, I did my weightlifting program.

Some Highlights of the New Location!
  • Still close to the previous location in Kalihi, but with a lot more PARKING!
  • 6x bigger!  High ceilings and ropes and rings hung from them, large garage door, and a big ass ceiling fan to keep everyone cool
  • Not as hot as previous location, but hey it's still Kalihi
  • Three new weightlifting platforms in the back!  
  • Fake grass area for mobilizing, sled pulls, and prowler pushes
  • A lot of new equipment!  More barbells, more plates, fractional plates, basketball hoop, and a new (much larger) pull up rig
  • Multiple bathrooms, changing area, and a shower
2. outside, brand new location!

3. inside

4. lounge/nap area

5. office

6. high rings, high ropes

7. big ass fan

8. new pull up structure!

9. much larger space

10. more barbells and plates

11. fake grass mobility/sled pull and push area

12. original pull up structure

13. new lifting area in the back

14. three platforms!

15. GHD's

16. view of fake grass area from the back and also child care area

16. side view

17. the new, upgraded CrossFit 808!

They needed a larger space since 2011!  Congratulations to the whole 808 crew on finally getting the facility upgrade!  Can't wait to revisit again the next time I come home!

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