Friday, February 22, 2013

CrossFit South Brooklyn -- Round 2!

CrossFit South Brooklyn -- revisited!

I was in New York City this past weekend and one of the gyms I wanted re-visit was CrossFit South Brooklyn.  The last time I was here was ~1.5 years ago and I remembered having a blast.  I was worried about not being able to make it since a lot of CF boxes aren't open on Sunday's, but it ended up working out perfectly as they had back-to-back classes all Sunday morning.  So I even got to sleep in a bit :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Movement Clean Up: Butterfly Pull-Ups

Butterfly Pull Ups.

Because of my hip injury from sitting and not being able to squat, I decided to work on cleaning up a couple movements.  One of them was the butterfly pull-up.  I've had butterfly pull-ups for awhile.   I can reliably crank out reps and I can sustain a good number per set.  So why bother cleaning them up especially since there are so many other things to work on?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

SacTown Throwdown 2013

2013 Sac Town Throwdown.

Over 100 teams from Northern California competed in the 2013 Sac Town Throwdown at the Placer County Fairgrounds in Roseville, CA.  Teams consisted of 4 people: 2 men, 2 women in three divisions: open, novice, and masters.  The competition spanned the weekend, with the top twelve teams in each division advancing to day two.