Monday, June 25, 2012

Competition Club at Santa Cruz Beach

NorCal CrossFit Competition Club @ Santa Cruz.

I have been going to Competition Club every Saturday morning.  In a nutshell, we usually meet at our San Jose location to do some crazy workout Taz programmed for us.  However, last weekend, Taz spiced it up a bit and had us meet at a beach in Santa Cruz for a WOD on the beach!

Comp Club at NorCal CrossFit is for those who are interested in competing and get better at CrossFit for athletic reasons.  The purpose of Comp Club is to get all these individuals together and focus on working out in a competition-like setting.  We meet once a week on Saturday's and have short homeworks to do throughout the week.  

This is what we did, and yes, we did go in the water!
  • Sand run along water
  • Dry sand sprints. 4 @ 60%, 4 @ 80%, 10 @ 100%
  • 2 games of Beach Flags
  • 3 rounds for time:
    • 20 air squats on dry sand
    • Sprint to water and run as far as you can in the water, then 2 duck dives, sprint back
    • 20/15 push ups on dry sand 
  • and a bunch of air squats, push ups, sit ups in between.
Even though the water was freezing, this was one of my favorite workouts.  Something about being outside in nice weather and doing the same stuff we do everyday but with a twist... kind of like flipping tires up the stairs in Cannes.  It was my first beach workout.  Pretty sad actually since I feel like I should be doing these all the time in HI.  And man, it was deceptively hard.  Push ups are tough when you are sinking in sand.  And the run on sand and in water made my legs and hips sooooo sore afterwards.  Jason and Pat made their celebrity appearance that day, and also worked out with us.

Pictures: Unfortunately, all the pictures I have are pretty much a group shot and from the game of Beach Flags.  I was having so much fun that it slipped my mind to take photos. 

2. Men obeying Taz.

3. Game of Beach Flags.  Jason may be at a slight advantage.

4. Rockette and Falcor yelling at us to move faster.

5. The Barber brothers and Jason sprinting.

6. Ladies sprinting.

7.  So cute.

8. Pat saved.

9. Trevor saved?

10. Nope.  Things got aggressive.  Jason stole the stick.

11. All for sticks.

I had a TON of fun!  And I know I got a workout since my lower body was mad sore afterwards.  It's nice to do something different outside the gym.  Reminded me a lot of home actually.  It was a really nice day in Santa Cruz and the water wasn't that cold.  In the moment, at least.  Hoping for many more workouts like this!  A big thank you to Taz for organizing this!