Friday, January 13, 2012

CrossFit East Oahu

9am crew post-WOD at CrossFit East Oahu.

While visiting CrossFit gyms at home during Labor Day weekend, I heard a lot of talk about a new box in Hawaii Kai that just opened up called CrossFit East Oahu.  Unfortunately, my stay there was just for the weekend, so I did not have enough time to check them out.  Therefore, I was excited to finally visit them when I was home for the holidays!

I came in for the 9am class on my last day at home so I could meet and catch a class with the owner, Keoni.  It was his first day back at work from his holiday vacation.  While there, I had the pleasure to meet his wife Rose (also a trainer), and Adam, their newest trainer!

Classes here always start off with a "question of the day."  Since it was right after New Year, our question was: "What was the highlight of your holidays and what are you looking forward to in 2012?"  After that, this is what we did:
  • Warm-up and skills practice: Junkyard dog, full warm-up; mobility work; pull-ups, box jumps, and power clean practice
  • 5 rounds for time: 
    • 5 Hang Power Cleans 185#
    • 10 Pull-Ups
    • 15 Box Jumps 20"

Some things I really liked here:
  • The Transform Challenge.  How they like to distinguish themselves from other boxes on the island is by their 12-week Transformation program.  They define transform as "dramatic visible physical change."  By enrolling in the program, one gets unlimited membership, a customized nutrition plan based on diet type (i.e. even if you are vegan), and goals/thoughts training.  For first timers, it is also to "learn CrossFit."  The idea is to bring CrossFit to the general public.  Most members enroll in this program.  Based on testimonials and before and after pictures online and in the box, results are amazing!  They also have general CrossFit membership.
  • Explanation for everything.  The question of the day was a nice start to the class.  After warm up, Keoni went over the movements for the WOD.  When he explained the WOD to us, he also told us the time frame he was shooting for.  He then talked about how we should pick our weights for the clean and why he chose to put the smaller box as Rx.  He clearly explained exactly what he wanted us to get out of the WOD.
  • Instruction.  For every movement we did (even in warm-up!), Keoni also demonstrated the scaled version of the movement and progressions.  He was super accommodating to everyone, of all skill level.
  • Homey community.  I don't know what exactly it is that makes this box feel extra homey.  Maybe it's the question of the day, or because space is tight.  It might also be because of this quote on the whiteboard: "Train hard!  Take care of each other!  Protect the house!  We love you!!  - Keoni and Rose :)."  Also, I felt extra welcomed, even before I stopped in.  When I called Keoni to tell him I wanted to drop in, we also had a good conversation about CrossFit in general.  When I was at the box, everyone was so talkative, smiley, and friendly.
  • Really late and really early class times.  They have a 4:30 AM class for those who want to beat traffic into town from Hawaii Kai!  They also have a 9:30 PM class!  
  • Clean and organized.  Equipment is easy to find.  Chalk is next to the pull up bars, along with grips if you need them.  Tape is also available.  They also win the best and cleanest CrossFit bathroom award in my book.
  • Gear Store.  They carry merchandise from WOD Gear and inov8's.
  • Free cold water.  It's usually bring your own water or buy some for boxes on Oahu.

Some things that could use improvement:
  • Larger location.  Lucky Hawaii has perfect weather and classes can pretty much be outside everyday, but they have outgrown their current unit.  No worries, they have plans for expansion.
  • Blog updates.  I would love to know what the WOD was, and read about more amazing transformation results!

Some pictures:
2. Entrance to CrossFit East Oahu.

3. 8am working hard, 9am in early!

4. Inside.

5. Rowers and such.

6. Dumbbells neatly organized.

7. Inside.

8. Testimonials.  Look how far these people came!

9. A different kind of PRs board than you normally see at a CF gym.

10.  Haha, cute PVC's.

11. Haha, WODing island style with the lanai chairs and speakers outside.

12. I like the top of all the boxes.  It was rough and idk, no slippies.

13. CrossFit East Oahu's training staff: Keoni, Rose, and Adam.

You know you're having fun when you end up spending an extra hour here chit chatting on your last day of vacation.  Also, when you are Facebook friends with all the trainers.  I will definitely be back.  It's nice that it is also close to my house.  Also, much mahalo for the tank!

Additional Visits: 08-31, 09-01-2013 
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