Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fitness Gone Bad - Back to the Roots!

Jack, Danyelle and I at their home gym!

I did my first CrossFit class at Fitness Gone Bad around New Year 2011, as a part of the Lululemon Athletica 31-days of Fitness Challenge in Hawaii.  So you know, of course I had to visit them when I was in town again!  Back to the roots!  Super exciting!!

Fitness Gone Bad is owned by Jack Cambra and Danyelle Cano.  They are both CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainers.  Located in Hawaii Kai, Fitness Gone Bad is an unaffiliated home gym with members.  They have all the basic equipment and a few toys like a rope, airdynes, sand bags, and a prowler.  Although they don't have as much class time options (home gym style), CrossFit classes here are small and very personal.  The community is very tight, and everyone is close friends with each other!

As long as you are passionate and eager to learn, Jack is always willing to help you before/after class.  If you cannot make class or you just want to stop by, he is extremely accommodating.  Though Jack and Danyelle both have full time jobs, they will try to work around your schedule so you can get a WOD in.  As I went back to California and joined Jason Khalipa's gym, I still kept in touch with Jack, updating him with my progress and vice-versa.  I visit their blog daily, just to see what they are up to and stay posted.  Thanks for showing me how cool and effective CrossFit is!

I came in for the 1:30pm class on Sunday, my rest day.  I was so excited to WOD with them again!  Other attendees were Terry, Nadyne, Flojo, and Nunn!  This is what the class did:
  • Warm-up: 2 rounds: 5 sot's press, 7 over high wall balls, 12 cossack's stretch, 7 box jumps.  Whatever else you need to do
  • 12 rounds for time of: 
    • 3 Power Cleans 135#/95#
    • 6 Push-ups
    • 9 Air Squats
    My time was 9:34.  Kind of got confused during the WOD and did extra push-ups on some rounds.  Check out their blog posts here and here.

Some pictures:
2. Boxes, racks, GHDs.

3. Lots of equipment and the daily WOD board.  They also have a wall clock!!

4. Large home gym.

5. Jack + the afternoon crew with the WOD board.

6. Danyelle + the afternoon crew.

8. For kicks, this is the Lululemon crew with Jack on New Year Day 2011!

9. One more.. the chalk affinity started long time ago.. and yeah I was a skinny bitch.

10. Yup we are all good friends.. we met up at the Games!

I was bummed out that I did not get to WOD with Jack and Danyelle!  Next time I'm home, it's happening for sure!  No excuses!  And for those of you who live in Hawaii Kai and are interested in CrossFit, check out Fitness Gone Bad!!

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