Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Binge Day at Home!

Babies and I at Bellows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I purposely timed the Paleo challenge to end before I head home to Hawaii for Labor Day weekend.  I haven't been home in 9 months and I could not be more excited to eat some local favorites!  I ate clean until last Saturday, when I planned on satisfying all my cravings.  I had a list of places I wanted to hit up and the plan was to eat everything delicious nonstop, meal after meal.  The only person I knew local, who would be up for this challenge is my cousin, Mimi.  She's this tiny Asian girl who has the appetite of a whale.  We ate nonstop from 2pm to 7pm on Saturday afternoon.  It was glorious.

2. Pre-Binge picture of me.

We started our journey at Goma Tei in Ala Moana.  I ordered the Wakame Tan Tan Ramen and Gyoza.  I wanted to go to Gomaichi Ramen, but they were not open at 2pm.

3. Tan-tan ramen!!!!!  Ramen in HI is sooo good!

4. I like all kinds of dumplings.

After Goma Tei, we walked to Shokudo for the Tofu Salad (the only thing superrrrrrrr good there)!  I wanted the honey toast too but they did not have the pupu version :(.

5. This salad is amazing!  The tofu is sooo soft. 

We were still feeling good after Shokudo.  Not very full yet.  I decided to get some air squats in since I read that it was a good thing to do during binge day in The 4-Hour Body.

5. Yeaaaaaaaa!  Air squats in the parking lot baby.

Next on the agenda was Home Sweet Cafe.  We decided to check this place out since it has been *extremely* popular lately.  It was good but I don't think it was as amazing as people claim it to be (definitely not up to the Truffle Salt standard).  The employees there were very rude and unprofessional, too.  They yelled at us for taking too much sauce.  Dicks.  Only come if you came here before or come with people who have been here before.  Good thing we did not have to wait.  We ordered the spicy and healthy herb broth to share with some chicken, ung choy and choy sum.   I wish these veggies were more available up in the valley.  The free dessert was good though.

6. Mimi cooking the veggies.  Spicy broth on the left, Healthy Herb on the right.

7. Free dessert was delicious!

Our next stop, and the restaurant with the most delicious food, was Ah-Lang aka Angry Korean Lady Korean Restaurant.  This place is HANDS DOWN my FAVORITE Korean restaurant ever!  It is also a great place to witness the Korean rage.  I pigged out for sure here.  Mimi got the clam soon dobu and I got the kal bi, meat jun, mandoo, and bi bim bap.  AKL put an end to Mimi's journey and after this meal, I felt full, almost in a food coma.

8. SO EXCITED to eat the best Korean food ever!!

9. Mimi and I with AKL (yes she is sticking her middle finger up).

After Ah-Lang, we wanted to get shave ice at Waiola's but it was closed :(  (p.s. why would a dessert place close at 6:30pm?!?!).  Therefore instead we went down the street to get some li-hing mui goodies.  I don't like candy very much, but if it has li-hing-mui on it, I'm all over it!

10. Me eating li-hing-mui candy.  I wish there was more on it though.

How can I do binge day without my favorite SPAM MUSUBI?!?  Had to stop at 711 for some.  So delicious and only in Hawaii!

11. Nom nom nom! 

In addition to shave ice, my other favorite dessert to get at home is mochi ice cream at Bubbies!!!  My favorite flavors are lychee and azuki bean.  They also had a seasonal flavor: li-hing-mui mango!  Even when I'm full, I always have room for dessert!  Had to drop Mimi off to explode before heading to Bubbies.

12. Had to take this home to pace myself.  I ate 9 of the 12 (meh to the Green Tea flavor, mama's fav).

At this point I was in a food coma and totally feeling like dodo.  Also, I only ate 1/3 of the stuff I wanted to eat on binge day.  So it kind of overflowed to Sunday, where I ate at Uncle Bo's, homemade pho (the best), homemade coconut banana tapioca dessert (also the best), Waiola's (the softest!), chicken katsu curry at the Curry House, more spam musubis from 711, loco moco at Rainbow Drive-In, sushi at Waipuna's, and more lychee mochi ice cream.  Oops, but hey I'm on vacation and I don't visit home very often.

13. Lychee and li-hing-mui shaved ice with ice cream and condensed milk!!!!!

No more binge day for awhile.  Probably gained all that weight I lost on the Paleo diet back, but whatevs, my babies still love me.