Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kapolei Strength & Conditioning


The last time I came here, they JUST moved into their current location, they were in the process of getting renamed to Kapolei Strength & Conditioning, and Tristan was still crawling.  Now, the gym's all set up and decorated, they have even more equipment, and Tristan is walking!  Se and Noel's got quite a gym!

We came in for open gym on Sunday for Open Gym before heading to the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival.  Afterwards we did some strict muscle ups with Se, round robin style.  Good times.

Beautified Space:  everything's all set up now!

2. Bird's eye view.

3. Other side, lanes of garage doors.

4. back to front.

5. Open gym.

6. Upstairs.

7. Platforms.  The only thing missing are fractional kilo plates!

8. The only undeveloped area, used for storage.

9.motivational graffiti.

10. PR Board!

11. Fully stocked store.

12. Se and I

It's always nice to stop by and catch up with Se and family.  I think they still own Hawaii's largest CrossFit gym.  Looking forward to coming back.  I wonder what new equipment in large quantities they will get next!

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