Wednesday, March 21, 2012

White Truffle and Steak

My truffle.

Last week, I was lucky enough to get a hold of the king of all fungi, a fresh White Truffle from Italy!  Truffles, the mushroom, are one of my favorite foods ever.  They are pretty hard to find, even at restaurants, so I was extra excited to get this one.  Truffles are pricey since they are difficult to cultivate, rare, and are absolutely delicious.

I had a few days to play with my fresh white truffle, before having to freeze it.  So I basically made it king and put it on everything.  The first thing I did was eat it raw.  Then I made eggs with only fresh shavings of the truffle (no added salt or pepper) and it was absolutely delicious.  I then decided to combine my two favorite foods, truffles and steak, into one dish for an extra delicious, orgasmic, mouth-watering meal.  yea yea

Fresh Truffle Care:  Fresh truffles go bad extremely quickly, like a few days after harvest.  So basically use it ASAP.  Some people say this is the only way to experience the full flavor of a gourmet truffle.  They are worth more than any other version: preserved, etc.  Here are some tips I collected:
  • Do not wash or brush it until you use it.
  • To delay ripening, wrap the dirty truffle in a white absorbent paper towel.  Store it in a dry container in the refrigerator.  Change the paper towel daily.  They can be stored for about a week.
  • To clean: wash your hands.  Rinse the truffle under cold water.  Use a brush or new tooth brush to brush it.  Pat it dry with a paper towel.
  • When you shave it for use, shave just one side.  Use a truffle slicer or chocolate shaver to make paper-thin slices, or microplane grater if you don't want shavings.  At least 7g per person is good.
White truffles have an intense initial aroma that fades away.  Hence they are almost always used uncooked, usually shaved over a finished dish, to maximize the truffle aroma.  The white truffles tend to be more subtle in flavor, than the black ones.  They are normally shaved onto pasta, risotto, and eggs.  I chose to put them on steak since I'm not a huge fan of pasta (and Paleo, you know).  It was absolutely delicious.

Some pictures:
2. 38g Alba White Truffle.

3. Cleaning the truffle.

4. You can say I love steak.  ~25lb of steak.

5. Combining my two favorites: Truffled filets. Pic taken after I picked off truffle shavings.

6. Now to put them on my favorite steak cut...

7. ...Bone-in ribeye topped with fresh white truffles.  Red wine is Paleo/Primal/whatever in my book.

So happy I got this truffle!  It is so much better than the infused oil, salt and such.  I can't wait to get more of the real deal!

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