Monday, December 26, 2011

12 Days of Christmas

The Valley CrossFit Hummer!

Mele Kalikimaka folks!  I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Yesterday, I went over to FGB Hawaii Kai to do the 12 Days of Christmas WOD!  Big mahalo to Jack and Danyelle for opening their home gym on Christmas!!!!!  It was really great to workout with friends and meet new people!

Our version of the WOD was:
  1. SDHP 75#
  2. Thruster 75#
  3. Push Press 75#
  4. Power Clean 75#
  5. Power Snatch 75#
  6. KBS 1.5pood
  7. Pull-Up
  8. Knees to Elbow
  9. Box Jump 24"
  10. Double Unders
  11. Burpees
  12. Lunges with Plate Overhead 45#

The 12 Days of Christmas WOD is done just like the song, i.e. the first round is 1 SDHP; second iteration: 2 Thrusters, 1 SDHP; third round: 3 Push Presses, 2 Thrusters, 1 SDHP, and so forth until 12 Lunges, ..., 1 SDHP.  A long one for sure!

2. Ladies and John doing work!

3. Tiff busting out those butterfly pull-ups!

4. Box Jump action!

5.Pull-ups and knees to elbow.

6. Almostttttttt done!

7. Me thinking about chalk. 

8. Yeaaaaa I learned how to kip these babies.

9. Finally got to meet Sam!

10. Love these two!

11. The awesome Christmas crew!  Awesome job everyone!

12. The final WOD board!  Yes, my print is terrible.

I got to spend Christmas doing my favorite activities: eating, CrossFit, and hiking... and with all my ohanas: by blood, CrossFit, and friends!