Thursday, November 20, 2014

CrossFit A297

CrossFit A297

The first CrossFit gym we visited in Aruba was CrossFit A297.  We were there in September.  They've been open for a little over a year now but for some reason only updated their existence around the time I was in Aruba.  When I initially searched, there were no CrossFit gyms in Aruba and I was set to do hotel workouts.  However, while browsing through TripAdvisor for attractions to see, I found CrossFit A297 and contacted them for a visit!

We came in on Saturday for open gym.  I did my weightlifting programming which involved segment snatch + overhead squat, segment clean + jerk, front squats, and some SLDL.  On Saturday's there's open gym from 9am - 1pm.

Some things I really liked here:
  • Largest CrossFit gym in Aruba!  It is currently 6,000sqft and expanding.  They will soon expand to include an area for weightlifting and to do sled pulls and prowler pushes.  The facility has high ceilings, usable space, lots of light, and quite a few industrial fans to cool you off.  It's a very nice gym.
  • Location!  It's almost in walking distance from the cruise ships and Renaissance Hotel and a short cab ride from the high-rise hotels, where most tourists stay when they visit Aruba.  
  • Lots of classes throughout the week, and open gym on Saturday for most of the day.  Check out their schedule.
  • Since the facility is quite big, if you're on your own programming, you'll likely be able to do it on the side.  Coordinate with them beforehand.  
  • LeRoy is awesome!  He's super accommodating, knows what he's talking about and he's down to earth.  After doing my stuff, we did strict muscle ups on the minute, relay-style.  In addition, he gave us a ton of recommendations.  We tried almost all his restaurant recommendations and they were all pretty good!
  • Friendly community.  People come here to workout and hangout after.  I met almost everyone in open gym and had great conversations with them.  We even took selfies =P  
  • All new Rogue equipment and they take good care of them too.
  • Visitor Policy: Email/Facebook beforehand.  LeRoy and his wife love t-shirts.  Bring a couple from your box!

Some things that could use improvement:
  • At the time I wrote this blog post, they didn't have their website finished or evening classes.  Almost 3 months later, they have those now.  So now I would say, invest in some dumbbells.

Some pictures:
2. Outside, very close to the main strip.

3. welcome desk

4. inside and pull up rig

5. rowers and benches

6. check out all the shirts on top

7. love the giant chalkboard!

8. platforms on both sides of the rig

9. barbells

10. everything is so neatly organized

11. more bumpers and change plates

12. back

13. post workout picture!

We really wanted to come back but our hotel for the last few nights was so far away from town.  When we stayed nearby, we had plans in the morning so we couldn't come in when the gym was open.  If we make our way to Aruba again, we'll definitely re-visit!  By the way, if you try to find the gym on your own, it may be tough, but if you ask any cab driver to take you to "CrossFit", they'll know exactly what you're talking about!

Nearby Gyms: Cross Aruba / Muscles & Lungs CrossFit


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