Thursday, June 13, 2013

TJ's Gym - Novato / CrossFit Novato

TJ's Gym - Novato / CrossFit Novato

On our way up to the CrossFit Games - Northern California Regionals, we stopped at TJ's Gym - Novato / CrossFit Novato, one of their four locations in Marin County.  Hey, gotta get some exercise in before watching people exercise all weekend!

A few years later, I also visited TJ's Gym - San Rafael.

We came in for the 8:30am class on Friday with Julie.  The class agenda had a good amount of strength + a quick burner.  Fun!
  • Warm-up: 400m run, inch worm, walking lunges, hip mobility, Burgener warm up
  • Strength: 
    • 2 Hang Power Snatch + 1 Power Snatch: 5 sets
    • Push Press: 5x3
  • 5 rounds for time: 
    • 5 Hang Power Clean
    • 5 Push Press
    • 200m Run

Some things I really liked here:
  • 4 locations!... and one membership for all.  TJ's gym has similar membership policies as our gym, NorCal CrossFit.
  • Daily All Levels, Wrench, and Travel workout.  I thought this concept was really cool.  Wrench workouts are for the experienced CrossFitters.  During class, people have the option to do the all levels or wrench workout, or some combination of the both.  As for the Travel workout, the next time I go traveling and have no access to a gym, I'll check out TJ's blog.  Love how there is daily programming for travel workouts too!
  • Beautiful facility.  Each gym is not ridiculously large, but the space is large and all useable.  The Novato location may be their largest location (Mill Valley may be just as big).  High ceilings, lots of light, good use of space, and well ventilated.  The Novato location also has a matted room in the back (I'm guessing mostly for Jiu Jitsu).  The ropes are hung in that room.
  • Variety of equipments: ropes, atlas stones, weighted vests, sandbags, jerk boxes, platforms, benches, large mats, and airdynes.  A lot of great stuff and all very organized and clean.  Weights are clearly labeled.
  • The trainers and class quality.  We took a class with Julie.  She's more than just CrossFit certified.  She's also a great teacher.. and very funny.  Her class was full of energy and motivation, and hence, a ton of fun.
  • The community.  People are really friendly and will introduce themselves to you.  There also seems to be a strong support group for the gym as a whole.  For example for regionals, there was strong support for both the individual athletes and the team.
  • Open gym.
  • Many programs: competition club, barbell club, gymnastics club, OUTFit, teens, and kids.
  • Free filtered water.  Gotta put this as a perk since many CF gyms nowadays charge you for water!
  • Visitor friendly.  Free drop in :)

Some things that could use improvement:
  • More classes at each location.  For example, at the Novato location, there is only one class at 6pm on weekday evenings.  All 4 locations' schedule.

Some pictures:

2. Inside, lots of platforms.

3. love the wall ball targets.

4. conditioning.

5. full of quotes.

6. again.

7. High tech.

8. Giant whiteboard.

9. PR Whiteboard.

10. Love the dip bars!

11. Additional matted room in the back.

Had a great time at TJ's Gym!!  We felt very welcomed and part of the crew.  TJ's gym is quite intriguing to me since the business model of their gym is similar to ours... but better executed.  Since this visit went well, I'm hoping to check out some of the other locations soon!
Cute little box worth visiting.  Corey's awesome and the people are great.  Might come back here next week!

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