Thursday, June 20, 2013

Uniter Barbell / CrossFit SOMA

United Barbell / CrossFit SOMA

I've been commuting to SF quite often recently for work.  If I'm going to be up there for at least half the day for work, I might as well stay up there for the rest of the day, work from my favorite coffee shop, and check out a new CrossFit gym.

I decided to drop in at United Barbell / CrossFit SOMA since it was closest to the train station.

They just came off a strength cycle and were testing for new maxes.  I like how we got some time to find these maxes.  12 minutes to warm up and then 12 minutes for each lift to find a new 1RM.
  • Warm-up: 1 South Park loop run, leg swings, shoulder passes, OHS review and SOT presses
  • Strength: You have 3 attempts at a heavy single.
    • Overhead Squat: 3x1
    • Front Squat: 3x1
    • Back Squat: 3x1
  • For time:
    • 100 Push Ups

Some things I really liked here:
  • Location.  United Barbell is in SOMA, a block away from South Park, and is in walking distance from the 4th & King caltrain station. 
  • Ample amount of classes.  There are classes everyday.  Weekday classes go from 7am to 8:30pm.  There are three(!) all-level classes on Saturday and one on Sunday.  The only thing to note here is that classes are capped at 18, so you have to sign up beforehand and show up accordingly.  The late/no show policy is strict.
  • Variety of equipment: reverse hyper, airdyne, parallettes, chains, fractional plates, etc.
  • USAW gym.. and Eleiko weights and barbells in kilos.  Perk!
  • Additional programs: barbell club, strength club (SWOD), competition club.
  • "Restricted Drop In Time" aka open gym for those with unlimited memberships, weekdays and Sunday's.
  • Showers.  Bathrooms are very clean.
  • Free filtered water.  Gotta put this as a perk since many CF gyms in CA nowadays charge you for water!
  • New and much larger location coming soon.  Rumor is the gym will be decked out and loaded with new equipment.

Some things that could use improvement:
  • Lack of platforms and jerk boxes.  They do have sweet barbells and plates though.

Some pictures:

2. Entrance.

3. PR board, to the right of the ramp in.

4. pull up structure, rings, and chains.

5. clock & daily workout board.

6. nice barbells and weights.

7. ghds & reverse hyper.

8. back.

9. storage on the sides.

10. wall balls.

11. ran into Huey!

Looking forward to the new gym!

Nearby Gyms: Lalanne Fitness | CrossFit Golden Gate | Arena Ready CrossFit (other side of the city)