Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pacheco Valley CrossFit

Pacheco Valley CrossFit

While in San Rafael for work, I'd like to check out all the gyms within a 5-mile radius and believe it or not, there's quite a few of them.  After coming off of Nationals, I figure it's a good time to squeeze in a CrossFit workout here and there.  Last Friday, I visited Pacheco Valley CrossFit in south Novato!  I actually was going to visit them back in May around their grand opening, but the timing was off so I'm glad I got to make the visit this time around!

I did the 5:30am class last Friday with Joey.  Below is what was programmed for the class... I did a slightly different workout with just bodyweight movements:
  • Warm Up: arm, shoulder, leg, knee, ankle circles; 200m run; clean warm up
  • Strength:
    • 10min EMOM: 2 Power Clean, 1 Clean
  • Workout:
    • 5min AMRAP:
      • 5 Hang Clean 155#/105#
      • 10 Burpees
    • 3min Rest
    • 5min AMRAP:
      • 5 DB Shoulder to Overhead 45#/35#
      • 200m Row/Sprint
Some things I really liked here:
  • Well-sized gym with useable space: high ceilings with rings and ropes hung from the ceiling, lots of light, good ventilation
  • The coaches.  Lauren and Joey were extremely accommodating.  After I found out what the workout was going to be on Friday, I suggested it probably won't be a good day for me to come, but they were willing and excited to scale and give me a bodyweight workout.  Truly accommodating to all clients!
  • Friendly members and good-sized classes.  After being opened for 2.5 months, they already have a decent amount of members.  I was surprised to see almost 10 people in the 5:30am class on a Friday!  Though shy, they're all very friendly.
  • Variety of equipment... and almost all of it is from Rogue: ropes, airdynes, mats, sandbags, tires, bars to do bar muscle ups, training bars
  • Class structure.  Coaches come in early so you can roll out/stretch before class (even for the 5:30am class!).  Classes start and end on time.  As a class, everyone goes through a warm up, review of movements, workout, and mobility/cool down/abs after.  August is abs month.
  • Even though they just opened, they already have quite a schedule, including four classes in the morning.  Check out their schedule.
  • Free filtered water
  • $20 drop in fee, buy a shirt, or make a friend =)

Some things that could use improvement:
  • Update address on and Google.  The correct address for the gym is: 2450 Nave Drive, Novato, CA... not 5420.
  • Update WOD blog.

Some pictures:
2. Outside

3. Also outside, rowers

4. inside

5. bars and plates

6. whiteboard

7. pull up structure

8. high rings!

9. also high ropes!

10. dumbells and PR board

11. side

12. back

13. WOD

Cool little gym in south Novato, and the newest one in Marin, for sure.  I met a great group a people and had a great time.  Check them out :)

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