Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tamalpais CrossFit

Tamalpais CrossFit

While driving up to San Rafael for work, I stopped at Tamalpais CrossFit for a workout before heading to my hotel.  I pass San Rafael all the time when going to Sonoma or Napa, but never stopped.  I might be coming to San Rafael more often for work, so I wanted to explore gym options.  Tamalpais CrossFit was one of the gyms I really wanted to visit first because they are both a CrossFit and Weightlifting gym.  

I dropped in for the 5pm class last Wednesday with the co-owner, Michael.  This is what we did:
  • Warm Up: various leg exercises (high knees, high kicks, lunges, etc), hang, knees to elbows
  • Skill: Handstand hold
  • Workout: 4 rounds for reps, rotate in order, 40s on, 20s off:
    • Row for calories
    • Slam Ball 45#/25#
    • DB Clean 45#/35#
    • Pull Up
Some things I really liked here:
  • Mid-sized facility with high ceilings (and rings hung from those high ceilings!) and lots of usable space.  The space is kind of divided into two areas: one specific for CrossFit and the other for weightlifting.  The set up is in such a way where they can have two classes running at the same time, one in each area, and they wouldn't interfere with each other, but still close enough to feel connected.
  • CrossFit and Weightlifting gym.  They are a USAW certified gym.  You can have membership in CrossFit, weightlifting, or both.  For CrossFit, they also offer competitive CrossFit training.
  • Variety of equipment: chains, yokes, ropes (and even those for rope slams), airdyne, prowler, sled, jerk boxes, fractional plates, platforms, benches, parallettes, matador, slam balls, agility ladder, etc.  They've got a lot of different equipment!
  • Real pull up bars!  Steel!  Every time I see a gym with this instead of the coated XYZ brand pull up structures, I have to call it out!
  • Very friendly and tight community.  I met almost everyone in the class and had good conversations with them.  Classes aren't transactional.  People get in early, stay after class, and motivate others while working out.  I've been here for the morning classes and the evening classes and this was consistent.
  • Energetic classes.  We were moving all throughout the class and Michael did a great job pushing folks to get those extra reps.  
  • Open gym
  • Free water
  • $20 drop in fee or $30 with a shirt purchase, or make a friend.

Some things that could use improvement:
  • Kilogram plates, especially since they are a USAW gym!

Some pictures:
2. CrossFit on the left, San Rafael Barbell on the right, but both are connected.

3. Inside Tam CrossFit

4. high rings!  Win!

5. sweet pull up structure

6. inside

7. wall balls and some special equipment

8. side

9. whiteboard

10. entrance to the barbell club area

11. platforms, racks, jerk boxes

12. other machines in the back

Cool box to drop in with a great vibe and awesome community.  They're also close by to the famous Sol Food Restaurant so you can workout and then head for some pretty tasty Puerto Rican food.  Check them out!

Update, 5/24/2014: Tamalpais CrossFit and San Rafael Barbell turned out to be my gym of choice in San Rafael.  I spent two weeks here after this initial visit.  They were extremely accommodating.  They let me come in pretty much any time to do my weightlifting workouts.  Got to know so many people in the morning crew.  I really like the vibe and how people come in early and stay after to work on goats.  Really great gym!

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