Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2011 Reebok CrossFit Games - Day 1

Team Khalipa after WOD1 at Santa Monica Beach early Friday morning!

Day 1 of the CrossFit Games was unique and packed with excitement as the first WOD was on the beach in Santa Monica!  Ana, Ben, Dheeraj and I woke up at 5:45am last Friday to cheer Jason on, played at Muscle Beach for a bit, and then headed to the Home Depot Center for more action!  We stayed there until about 9:30pm, after the final men's heat for WOD3.  Had I known I was going to come home with a couple weeks worth of CrossFit swag I would have packed wayyyyy less!

Individual WOD1: Beach.  For time:
  • 210m Ocean Swim
  • 1500m Soft-Sand Run
  • 50 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
  • 100 Hand-Release Push-Ups
  • 200 Air Squats
  • 1500m Soft-Sand Run
2. 3-2-1-GO! and the men began WOD1 - Beach at 7am at Santa Monica Beach.

3. Neal Maddox on the chest-to-bar pull-ups.

4. Chris Spealler on squats, catching up to Joshua Bridges.  Jason on push-ups.

5. All the competitors are ripped.

6. Jason sprinting for the finish!  Yes, he is wearing Vibrams!

7. Jason finished the workout in 39:32 for 12th place!

8. Jason's daughter's name written on his hand.

9. Ava came to cheer daddy on!  So cute!

Muscle Beach. After the first event we walked along the beach to get breakfast.  We came across Muscle Beach, which had rings, pull-up bars, ropes, parallettes, etc on a beach!  We spent some time here.
10. Having fun on my favorite CrossFit equipment ever, the rings!

Individual WOD2: Skills 1.
  • Max L-Sit Hold (1 attempt)
  • Max Distance Softball Throw (2 attempts)
  • Max Distance Handstand Walk (1 attempt, or 2 if <5 yards)
11. Jason before the throw.  I believed he learned from Alex how to throw a softball right before this.

12. Neal Maddox on the handstand walk.

13. Julie Foucher, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, and Annie Thorisdottir on the handstand walk.  Haha, love Julie's pose.

Afternoon Break.  During the afternoon/lunch break, Ben and I walked around and bought some apparel, jump ropes from Again Faster, Paleo Kits, and some equipment.  We also met Mark from Mark's Daily Apple!  I bought his Damage Control product.

14. Mark from Mark's Daily Apple and I.

Opening Ceremony.  This was neat.  All the athletes came out in their respected region.  Each region also had a flag.  Previous games winners competing this year came out last.

15. NorCal represent in the Opening Ceremony!

16. Previous CrossFit Games winners: Kris Clever, Jason Khalipa, and Graham Holmberg.

Individual WOD3: Rope/Clean.  For time:
  • 5 15ft. Rope Climb Ascents
  • 5 Clean and Jerk 145#/115#
  • 4 15ft. Rope Climb Ascents
  • 4 Clean and Jerk 165#/125#
  • 3 15ft. Rope Climb Ascents
  • 3 Clean and Jerk 185#/135#
  • 2 15ft. Rope Climb Ascents
  • 2 Clean and Jerk 205#/145#
  • 1 15ft. Rope Climb Ascents
  • 1 Clean and Jerk 225#/155#
17. Annie Sakamoto's technique and performance at the games was amazing!  She finished this WOD in 9:57.

18. The men doing WOD3.

19. Jason on the rope climb.

After spending 16 hours at Day 1 of the CrossFit Games, we were really tired, sunburnt, and hungry.  I can only imagine how tired the athletes were after doing 3 WODs and being up for most of the day.  The food selection at the games was surprisingly very disappointing.  On the first day, there was only the Green Truck (kept running out of food), Wahoo's (ran out in like 30 minutes), and the concession stand (crappy food) open to sell hot food.  Not to mention the lines were so long!  Ana and I went to a grocery store nearby hoping to load up, but unfortunately they only took cash!  Good thing I brought some Progenex's More Muscle and a few thinkThin bars!  Definitely loaded up on breakfast and carried a lot of snacks and sunscreen for Saturday!

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