Friday, October 31, 2014

CrossFit West Oahu

CrossFit West Oahu

One of my favorite CrossFit couples and gym owners, Keoni and Rose, have expanded their business to the west side of Oahu.  Keoni and Rose are the owners of CrossFit East Oahu in Niu Valley, and a few months ago, took over KSAC and renamed it to CrossFit West Oahu.  

Along with CrossFit 808, Keoni and Rose's gyms are also my go-to gym on Oahu.  I was excited to check out CrossFit West Oahu after the ownership change and also to workout with my friend and barbell class instructor, Tyler!  So great to have a training buddy at home!  I was also lucky enough to get two days in at CrossFit West Oahu.  It's a bit of a drive for me since I'm from the other side of the island.  CrossFit West Oahu is actually one of the only gyms on Oahu I can workout during the mid-day heat since it has trade winds and large fans!  

I had a pretty good training day here and even PR'd my jerk, one of my weakest lifts!

2. 175lb PR Jerk at 48kg BW!

3. My training buddy, Tyler

The new, CrossFit West Oahu (formally KSAC).  Not much has changed yet, facility-wise.  You can see it in the photos below:

4. minimal changes

5. bird's eye view 

6. westside area still there

7. continued.  love the surfboard!

8. still have 2 long pull up rigs

9. lifting area is new!  and also the green wall

10. new airdynes

11. same class structure

12. reverse hypers and GHD's still upstairs

13. only artwork left from KSAC

The old gym had a lot of equipment but needed some basic things like fractional kilo plates (to complement their many sets of kilo bumpers) and dumbbells.  I hope that changes soon.  I'd be interested to see how the gym changes over time in all aspects.  But in the mean time, congrats to Keoni and Rose on expanding their business!  It's still my go-to gym when I'm at the Ko'Olina!  Looking forward to coming back the next time I'm home =)

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