Thursday, August 11, 2011


Weighted Dips: my new thing!

Recently, I got very into dips.  I'm not sure if it's because we now have dip belts at the gym or what.  It's just my new favorite thing.  One of my goal is to string 10 ring dips together and to get better at dips overall.  My limiting factor for doing multiple muscle ups in a row is pressing out of that very deep ring dip.  It would also be awesome to do a weighted dip with 50# (approximately half my bodyweight).

My dip routine alternates every other day between:
  • 3 sets of: Max Ring Dips followed immediately by a set of 10 with the skinniest band
  • 3 sets of 5: Weighted Dips at 75-85%, followed by max body weight dips.  Once a week, find a new 1RM Weighted Dip.
I made up the rep scheme and suggestions are totally welcomed!  I come in approximately 10 minutes before class each day to get these sets in.  Hopefully I will stick to it for at least a month!

2. My favorite dip belt from Rogue.

I tried to find this belt on Rogue Fitness, but they sold out of them :(.  I like it because it has double clips.  It also feels better compared to some of the other dip belts I tried out.  If you have any suggestions for dip belts, please let me know!  I am looking to buy one so I don't have to depend on the ones at the gym.  

Dip time!

3. Getting ready to do a set of weighted dips.  Feels awkward walking with a dangling weight.

4. I also love the parallettes!  Wish we had these at the MV box!

5. Weighted dip.

I should probably start doing weighted pull-ups too!