Monday, August 29, 2011

Roam Artisan Burgers

Delicious lettuce-wrapped grass-fed beef burger at Artisan Roam Burgers in SF.

Eating out while on Paleo can be pretty challenging because I have to know exactly what is in my food.  I have been strict Paleo for a few weeks now and I did not want to ruin the long streak.  However, this weekend my really good friend Devon came to visit.  I really did not want to cheat (but knew I might have to) so I did some research on Paleo-friendly restaurants in the Bay Area.

I stumbled upon Roam Artisan Burgers in San Francisco.  Their tag line is: "made fresh with mindful ingredients."  The restaurant serves 100% grass-fed beef and free-range, all-natural turkey and bison gourmet burgers.  In addition, it also had a lot of great reviews on Yelp.  A lot of reviewers claimed this place to have "the best tasting burger, EVER!"  After getting the okay from everyone, we headed to Roam Artisan Burgers for dinner on Saturday night.

I was so excited to try out these burgers!  Roam Artisan Burgers is located in the marina in San Francisco, CA.  It took awhile to find parking but after we did, we walked a few blocks to the restaurant.  The restaurant was very popular!  The line was out the door, but moving quickly.  Once we got inside, I was impressed by the atmosphere.  It was very casual, elegant, bar-styled, and eco-friendly.

2. Entrance to Roam Artisan Burgers.

The menu was simple and totally customizable.  The burgers can be prepared several different ways.  I ordered a grass-fed lettuce-wrapped burger with onions, tomatoes, fried egg, bacon, avocado, and mushrooms.  I think it was about $12 or so.  Some people say it's a little expensive for a burger but hey, it's San Francisco, and quality meat.  We ordered our food first and then looked for a place to sit down.  It was so crowded that we were lucky enough to find seats at the bar!

3. Definitely lived up to their tag line!

While waiting for our food, the owners roamed around to meet people and made sure everyone was happy with their food.  You know the place is Paleo-friendly when one of the owners is Paleo himself!  I had the pleasure to meet Josh, one of the Paleo owners, and had a great conversation with him about the Paleo diet and training regimes.

4. Josh, one of the owners, and I.

The wait time went by quickly.  I got my lettuce-wrapped burger and devoured it.  It was absolutely delicious!  Easily the best damn burger I've ever had!  Fresh, quality ingredients is a top priority for sure.  Unfortunately it was a little small.  I was still super hungry after finishing it.  When I ordered the initial burger, I didn't know I could get multiple patties.  I did not have to stand in line to get the second burger.  The owner just took my order right at my seat.

5. Burger #1 with mushrooms, avocado, egg, tomatoes, bacon, and onions.

6. Didn't know one could order multiple patties.  One wasn't enough so I ordered a 2nd burger!

I was full after the second burger.  I got everything again except the bacon.  I forgot they had different meat options, so I got the beef again.  After finishing my burger we hung out at the restaurant for a little longer.  Great place to chill.  I left with my expectations exceeded.  Roam Artisan Burgers is definitely one of my favorite restaurants in SF!  Next time I want to come here for a cheat meal and try the salted caramel milkshake and the truffle Parmesan sweet potato fries (Eugene said they were both amazing!).