Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fuel for Fire

Fuel for Fire Fuel Packs

A few weeks ago, Fuel for Fire sent me some samples of their Fuel Packs.  Funny thing is, around the time they contacted me, I was literally about to purchase some to take to Nationals with me but didn't quite fully execute on that.  A good friend of mine loves them and convinced me to try them out.  So when they contacted me, I was stoked to try them out.

Product Information:
Fuel for Fire "Fuel Packs" are made entirely of foods and 10g of whey protein isolate, with clean ingredients like apples, bananas, berries and sweet potatoes.  In a nutshell, they consist of fruit and protein.  Fuel Packs are gluten-free, Paleo-friendly, and contain no added sugar or anything artificial what-so-ever.  Fuel Packs are coined as "Perfect Nutrition in a Pouch" because they have the right balance of healthy carbohydrates and protein, and can be taken anywhere because they don't require refrigeration.  Consume it pre-workout, post-workout, whenever!

Each pouch is ~100 calories and contain little to no fat.  The protein:carb ratio is also pretty balanced which is what I really like about the Fuel Packs.  A lot of the time, "Paleo-friendly" products overdo it on the sugar.  The have the texture and consistency of baby food, except in my opinion, a lot better tasting.  These are extra great for fueling up before competition, some crazy workout, or some event that makes you nervous.  Because they're so easy to digest and made with real foods, there's a really good chance you'll rock it out there and not feel like you have to throw up.  

  • Triple Berry - 10g of Protein, 14g of Carbs, and also my favorite flavor of the three!  
  • Sweet Potato Apple - 10g of Protein and 15g of Carbs
  • Banana Cocoa - 10g of Protein and 22g of Carbs.

When I first tried the Fuel Packs, I was at home, not doing much.  My first thought was the flavors were ok, but the mush was hard to get used to.  I tasted all the fruits in it and all I wanted to do was chew and bite into it.  In retrospect, it was a bad time to try it since I didn't workout and wasn't going to workout anytime soon that day.  So I decided to try them again in a more appropriate setting.  What a night and day difference!  When I was in the zone and determined to make the most out of my workouts, the Fuel Packs provided me with just what I needed and fired me up, all while tasting decent.  Surprisingly, the texture and consistency didn't bother me, and in some ways, I actually preferred it.  With the Fuel Packs, I can have seconds before lifting and not feel sick or have food stuck in my mouth.  In addition to training, I can only imagine how great Fuel Packs would be for competition!  

  • Paleo, gluten-free, clean, low-glycemic, and minimal ingredients.  The Fuel Packs are packed with high quality ingredients
  • Decent protein:carb ratio.  The entire thing is not sugar!  There's a decent amount of protein in each.
  • Multi-Use: perfect source of fuel for competition and training: pre, during, and post, or when you're in the situation when solid food isn't appealing.  I especially love these before clean and jerks.  The baby-food-consistency keeps your tummy happy.  So no matter how nervous you are, you can count on the Fuel Packs to properly fuel you up and not risk feeling funny, puking it all out, or having it linger in your mouth.  The carbs and sugar get you hyped up and the protein to feed the muscles.  I also like them before training, especially in the situation when I don't quite have time to eat long enough beforehand to not feel sick but am starving.  They're also great for hiking, camping, and/or long backpacking trips.
  • Actually taste decent pre/during/post workout, even when sitting out in the heat for hours.  Though, they're best cold.  These Fuel Packs can survive the worst of conditions.  
  • Flexible, durable, and easy to travel with.  They'll fit into your overstuffed luggage, at the bottom of your gym bag, and you can bring them on the plane with you when traveling with a large amount of these packs.  The packaging is well designed and durable.  It doesn't leak when you have some and save the rest for later.
  • If you haven't noticed yet, Fuel Packs are extremely convenient, accommodating all sorts of athletes: competitive, busy, hobbyist/part-time.  They're also low maintenance: no need to be refrigerated (though they taste a lot better cold) and they have a long shelf life (~8 months).  It's also not salty, so you don't need water to eat this.
  • Fuel Packs are sold online in packs of 6 or 20, or in an affiliate/store near you.  

Some things that could use improvement:
  • Caffeinated versions of the Fuel Packs

Fuel for Fire Fuel Packs:
2. The three flavors: Sweet Potato Apple, Triple Berry and Banana Cocoa

3. My favorite flavor and also totally appropriate for summer

4. Consistency and texture of a Fuel Pack

5. Enjoying a fuel pack during a hard Saturday workout!

6. Fuel for Fire on our backpacking hike at The Narrows, Zion National Park

I wish Fuel for Fire contacted me a few weeks before Nationals.  I would have enjoyed these very much especially after snatches and before clean and jerks.  My favorite thing about Fuel for Fire Fuel Packs is the versatility of the product.  They easily fit in many components of my life.  Though I'd mostly use it for competition or training, they're also really great for hikes, camping, and I imagine for any other demanding sport.  So grab a cold pack and try them out!