Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year from Lisbon!

Happy New Year from Lisbon!

Happy New Year, everyone!!!  This year I'm celebrating New Year in Lisbon, Portugal!  Mm, what fun it has been!

So with a couple days into 2014, I wanted to reflect on my fitness goals from last year and make new ones for this year with a weightlifting focus.

My goals from last year:

2013 Fitness Goals:
  • Solidify split jerk technique
  • Clean & Jerk: 1.5x BW (USAW standards, no press outs, see above)
  • Qualify for the American Open in the 53kg class (plus maybe gain 5lb)
  • Kipping Bar Muscle Up
  • Front Squat: 190#
  • Butterfly chest-to-bar pull-ups
  • Get my left and right splits back 
  • To be able to do Isabel in a reasonable amount of time Rx, and ideally with a few power snatches.

When I wrote goals for 2013, I did it with CrossFit as my focus, even though the seeds were planted for weightlifting.  Up until the summer, all I did was CrossFit and the twice-a-week barbell class at Catalyst Athletics.  At the beginning of 2013, I never thought I would stop CrossFit.  However, dynamics changed at the gym I was going to right around the time Aimee and Greg Everett invited me to be on their weightlifting team, independent of CrossFit.  After lifting for Catalyst Athletics under a real coach at Nationals, I decided on my own to stop CrossFit and focus my fitness efforts on weightlifting with the Catalyst family.  

That being said, I did make most of my 2013 goals, and came really close to others.  I can do a kipping bar muscle up and string a few butterflied chest-to-bar pull ups, even though I rarely CrossFit now.  I have an 85kg (~187lb) front squat and I can still do a left split, and the right on a good day.  I didn't test my Isabel time, nor do I plan on doing so.  I can't quite clean and jerk 1.5x BW yet, but if you take my best clean and best jerk, I'm 2kg off.  It's not going to be easy but it's a goal that will carry over for 2014.  My split jerk is still a working progress, but I did go from pressing out 90% of my jerks to about 20% of the time when near my PR.

The biggest fitness accomplishment I made last year was lifting at the USA Weightlifting National Championships for the elite Catalyst Athletics women's team, and lifting in the A session for both Nationals and Americans.  This totally beats my goal of just qualifying for Americans!  Back in summer 2012 when I did my first weightlifting competition, I totaled 94kg: 38kg on the snatch and 56kg for the clean and jerk.  Then in summer 2013, I snatched 49kg and clean and jerked 60kg for a total of 109kg, qualifying for the A session at Nationals.  By the end of 2013 and after being coached by Greg Everett for half a year, I added almost 10kg to my total before Nationals and almost 25kg since my first weightlifting meet!  With a full time job and a busy schedule, I'll take it!  In addition, since I stopped CrossFit, I've been injure-free and stronger than I've ever been.

3. PR clean & jerk w/ no press out after over a year

3. After my 54kg snatch at the American Open

3. 85kg Front Squat!

4. Heather and I with our awesome coach, Greg Everett.

I'm sure there are a lot of things I missed.  That being said, 2013 was a year of change for me.  I switched from CrossFit to weightlifting, got a real coach, the star, Greg Everett himself, and joined the Catalyst family.  Although weightlifting is a side hobby and a part-time gig, I learned after the American Open that I really care about it.  It was the first time I became emotional about something other than school, work, family, or friends, for better or worse.  With my fitness focused shifted towards weightlifting, here are my 2014 weightlifting goals:

2014 Fitness Goals:
  • Snatch 60kg (1.25x BW), and also just a cool number
  • Clean & Jerk 72kg (1.5x BW)
  • Total >120kg (carry over from Nationals goal for Americans)
  • Back Squat: 96kg (2x BW), 100kg would be icing on the cake
  • Front Squat: 90kg
  • 45# Weighted Strict Pull Up
  • Not to get dinked for a press out at any meet
  • Still be able to butterfly, walk on my hands, and do muscle ups, just because

Those are my fitness goals for 2014.  Maybe I should rename my blog to Jes' Weightlifting Blog.  I'll be heading to Paris and London for a few days and then I'm homeward bound.  Hopefully I don't come back too round.  Happy New Year, everyone!

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