Thursday, January 23, 2014

CrossFit OPO

CrossFit OPO in Porto, Portugal!

I was in Portugal for the holidays!  I love visiting CrossFit gyms outside the US!  Each country and box has its own personality and attitude towards CrossFit.  I love experiencing that and taking a fitness class in another language!

In the US, CrossFit has blown up and boxes are easy to find.  Whereas, in Portugal, CrossFit is only beginning.  The first CrossFit gym in Portugal opened two years ago and within the past year, a few more have opened.  I had the pleasure of visiting CrossFit OPO (website) in Porto, the first and only CrossFit gym in Porto!

For luggage and time constraints, I did a few CrossFit workouts while in Europe, instead of weightlifting workouts.  I dropped in a couple times at CrossFit OPO with Luis and Vanessa, the owners.  This is what we did one day:
  • Warm Up: 8 laps around the gym; For 9 minutes, 30s at each station: 5 wall ball shots, 10 sit ups, 6-8 KBS.
  • Skill:  Muscle Ups
  • Workout: For Time:
    • 50 Double Unders
    • 21-15-9
      • Pull Ups
      • Hand-release Push Ups
      • Pistols, alternating
    • 25 Double Unders
Some things I really liked here:
  • Passionate, dedicated coaches.  The head coaches and owners, Luis and Vanessa are so sweet.  They are passionate about CrossFit and the success and satisfaction of their members and those around them.  They care and want you to leave the gym happy and feeling like you got a workout.  In addition, they are more than accommodating.  My experience there was more than I can ask for!
  • Location.. especially for Porto visitors!  CrossFit OPO is ~2km away from the city center, or <10min cab ride (or ~7 euros) from Old Porto or Vila Nova da Gaia.
  • Cleanest CrossFit gym I've ever been to!
  • Class Structure.  Each class has a thoughtful warm up, ample time for skill/strength work, the workout, and a mobility session at the end.  In addition, the classes are spaced 15 minutes apart, allowing plenty of transition time.
  • Solid community.  Language barriers?  Maybe, but everyone's there for the same reason, and couldn't be more friendly!
  • New equipment!  CrossFit OPO opened in September 2013 so everything is super new.  Equipment is well taken care of.  
  • Classes all day and even on Sunday's!  Weekdays from 7:30am - 10pm, Saturday from 9am - 7pm and Sunday's from 9-12:30pm!  Check out the schedule.
  • Open Gym... everyday except for Sunday
  • Multiple showers, bathrooms, and changing area.
  • Visitor friendly :).  Please schedule a class in advance.

Some things that could use improvement:
  • A water fountain
  • A rower

Some pictures:
2. Outside, bright and early!

3. Up the driveway.

4. Stepping inside, reminds me of a loft in SF

5. inside.. super clean

6. Reebok wall ball targets

7. Rings

8. cubbies and stairs

9. barbells

10. Reebok

11. Weights zoomed in

12. CrossFIt OPO

13. zoomed

14. Whiteboard

Absolutely loved my time at CrossFit OPO!  We came here twice during our 3-day stay in Porto!  Luis and Vanessa are the best.  If you plan on visiting, you should Facebook message CrossFit OPO to schedule.  If you decide to take a cab here, allocate some time to get there as it's hard to find, even for a local!