Thursday, January 30, 2014

CrossFit Deep

CrossFit Deep Ellum

After a weekend full of weightlifting at the American Open, and a week of tapering for Americans, I was ready to do a CrossFit workout during our week off.  Before leaving Dallas, we decided to drop in at CrossFit Deep, home to some badass lifters and CrossFitters.

To make our flight, we came in for the 7:30am class with Kevin.  This is what we did:
  • Warm Up: 1000m row.  2 rounds: 10 air squats, 5 inch worms, 10 V ups, 10 KBS, 10 Walking Lunges
  • Strength: 10 rounds: 2 Back Squats @ 75%-85%, 20s Row/Airdyne Sprint.  30s rest.
  • Workout: 10min AMRAP:
    • 5 HSPU
    • 10 KBS
    • 15 Sit Ups
Some things I really liked here:
  • CrossFit and USAW certified gym!  There are many platforms and racks!
  • Great coaches.  CrossFit Deep even has a couple Level 2 USAW coaches. 
  • Beautiful, organized gym.  At a high level, platforms to the left, jerk boxes to the right, homemade steel pullup bars, rings, and open space down the middle.  It is also clean.  
  • Prime location in Downtown Dallas.  They are located in the Deep Ellum district.  Free parking on the street, except between 6pm and midnight (weird hours).
  • Variety of equipment: mats, airdyne, platforms, jerk boxes and shorter boxes, benches, etc.
  • Long Open Gym hours.  3 hours every Monday, Friday and Sunday!
  • Cold water stand.
  • Clean shower, changing area, and possibly also towel service.
  • $20 drop in fee, or buy a shirt

Some things that could use improvement:
  • Additional set of weights in kilos.  Fractional pound plates would also be nice.

Some pictures:
2. Outside

3. Inside.

4. Pull up structure, rings, and rowers

5. jerk boxes, airdyne, and plates in the front.

6. platforms down the side

7. daily workout board + mobility

8. back to front.

9. lifting area in the back.

10. PRs

11. Daily times.

Overall, nice box with a lot of great and really chill people.  When you visit, you gotta get some real Texas BBQ at Pecan Lodge afterwards!