Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OktoberFit at CrossFit Silicon Valley

OktoberFit at CrossFit Silicon Valley!

Last Saturday, CrossFit Silicon Valley held OktoberFit, their grand opening inaugural throwdown for boxes nearby.  Everyone was invited!  Watching is free, but it costed $10 for all-you-can-consume beer and food.  Teams of three, with at least one female competed in four WODs in four hours, as RX or scaled.  The top five RX teams went on to the final showdown.  The event was sweet and very well coordinated.  It had sponsorers, photographers, a DJ, live entertainment, and of course, tons of beer and food!  KI Athletics had around 10 teams participate!!  There were prizes for the top three Rx teams, and also for the best dressed team.  Where else can you watch beer cans and super heroes WOD?

Sally, Dan, and I decided to form a team and compete in OktoberFit.  We would have gone RX, but we all got injured before the event.  :(  Sally hurt her lower back, Dan hurt his legs, and I sprained my thumb and index finger joint.  Team CripFit.  Good thing we signed up for scaled.  Nevertheless, we did what we could and had tons of fun!

The WODs
  • WOD1 - Krombacher
    3 person against a 10min clock: 
    • Buy-in: 30 Burpee Squat Cleans 155#/105# (1 athlete)
    • Max muscle-up and toes through rings (2 athletes)
    Scaled: 95#.  Ring pull-ups to chest.
  • WOD2 - Paulaner
    3 person against a 10min clock: 
    • Buy-in: 300 Double-unders
    • Max wall-facing HSPU (forehead to ground, nose to wall)
    Scaled: 200 DU.  HSPU to 1 abmat + 25# plate, not necessarily wall-facing.
  • WOD3 - Team Glashutte
    3 person 10min AMRAP of the triplet: 
    • Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
    • Lateral Box Jumps 24"
    • KBS 1.5/1 pood
    1 athlete/station, all working at same time.  Scaled: pull-ups, 20", 1/0.75 pood
  • WOD4 - Spaten
    3 person against 10min clock: 
    • Buy-in: 1500m row, each athlete row 500m in relay format
    • Max Overhead Squats 135#/95# (2 athletes at most working at the same time)
    Scaled: 95/65#.
  • Final Showdown - Francesca
    20min AMRAP: Fran. One athlete working at a time.  Each athlete must complete Fran before next athlete can start.
    • 21-15-9: Thruster 95#/65#, Pull-up
I failed to be a picture whore at this event so here are some photos I stole off of Facebook.  Thank you to those who took pictures!!!

Some pictures:
2. My awesome teammates, Sally and Dan!!!!!  New KI gorilla shirts came in just on time for the event.

3. Sally rocking the chest-to-ring pull-up!

4. Meredythe on squat clean burpees with lots of KI love.

5. DU practice.

6. Wall-facing HSPU.  Like how they had the posters upside down, lol.

7. Cheering!

8. Kimmy hitting the rower hard!

9. Cathy and Brad rocking heavy OHS!

10. OktoberFit winners!

11. Team Funny Talkers, a KI team, won best costume!!!

This was my first time participating in a CrossFit competition.  A big thank you to my awesome teammates Sally and Dan for doing this with me and for kicking ass last Saturday!!!  The event really brought the two boxes together and I had a blast WODing, cheering, eating, and catching up with people.  There were a lot of impressive performances and it was great bonding with other members!  Hopefully there will be more events like this nearby soon and hopefully I won't be injured next time!

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