Thursday, October 24, 2013

2013 Catalyst Athletics Ensign Gray Invitational

2013 Catalyst Athletics Ensign Gray Invitational

Two weeks after the Fall Classic and another work trip to Minneapolis, I competed in another weightlifting meet.  I feel like I went from not doing these at all to participating all the time!  This was the final meet the Catalyst team will participate in before Americans in December! 

I was pretty much in the same position as I was for the Fall Classic.  Earlier in the week, I traveled to Minneapolis for work and came back just in time for the meet.  However, unlike the Fall Classic, I didn't go crazy on the last minute weight cutting for a local practice meet.  I think because it was a home meet, I also felt very comfortable.  We go for a heavy single snatch and clean and jerk every Saturday, so it truly felt like practice.

The Meet.
Each athlete has three attempts at each lift.  The Total is the sum of the highest successful lift for the snatch and clean and jerk.

Accepting the Local Meet as Practice.
I knew I was going to have issues making weight for this meet because I was traveling for work right before.  After cutting weight for the Fall Classic, I did not want to ever go through that again unless I really had to.  It was great conformation that I could do it and I think that's what my mind needed to feel 'safe.'  This meet was huge for me, in that I mentally accepted it as practice: "It's OK if I'm a kilo over.  There's nothing to stress to about.  It's just another Saturday practice.  You do it because it's fun."  I approached the meet with this mind set and went 6 for 6, and even got a PR clean and jerk and PR total!  Sure, it would have been nice to total as a 48, but that's just more motivation for me to meet and exceed this total at Americans.

Team Catalyst on Fire! 
It's so great to be on a passionate, caring, fun team with awesome coaches.  I feel like for this particular meet, we did especially well.  Just 6 weeks in our 12-week cycle for Americans and we're already seeing results!  Heather, Audra, Chyna, Zack, and I all went 6 for 6!!  More than half of us had snatch, clean & jerk, and/or total PRs!  Zack qualified for Americans!  So many things to be happy and grateful about!

Check out a few PR's below:

Me, PR Clean & Jerk, 66kg

Alyssa, PR clean & Jerk @ 89kg!

Chyna, PR Clean & Jerk @ 95kg!

Blake, snatch 107kg PR!

2013 Catalyst Athletics Ensign Gray Invitational: Results 2013
2013 PWA Schedule

Awesome job to all the athletes who participated in this meet.  It was a ton of fun and great practice.  Now it's back to training.  Six weeks until Americans!  Stay tuned!

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