Thursday, August 29, 2013

River North CrossFit

River North CrossFit

While in Chicago for work, I decided to check out River North CrossFit, the closest CrossFit gym to my hotel and one of the few CrossFit gyms actually located in downtown Chicago.

I did the 6am class on Friday with DJ.  This is what we did:
  • Warm-up: 400m run, run backwards, skip, walking lunges, high kicks, butt kickers, leg stretch, arm circles
  • Strength: Good Mornings 3x10
  • Workout: 5 rounds for time:
    • 10 Pull Ups
    • 20 KBS 1.5/1pood
    • 20 Push Ups
    • 20 Walking Lunges
    • 200m Run
  • Post Workout: 4 rounds: 1min plank, 30s rest
Some things I really liked here:
  • Nice, organized, Reebok-ed out CrossFit gym.  Super clean and well lit.  They even have towel service.
  • MANY class times.  They are literally open all day long.  Every hour on the hour from 5am - 8pm, weekdays.  Saturday's 7am-2pm, on the hour.  Sunday's: 10-2pm.  So convenient!
  • Open gym format everyday.  You can do your own stuff, whenever you want.
  • Prime River North location in downtown Chicago.  Also directed to the type of people who live there.  For example they have a program called "Skinny Fit", where you just do body weight movements and not lift any weights.
  • Store.  Not just for clothing, but also Reebok gear, and FOOD.  You can pre-order your Paleo meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner) and pick it up at the gym.  They even have a microwave.
  • Multiple water fountains.
  • $25 drop in (comes with a free shirt)

Some things that could use improvement:
  • Not allowed to drop barbell the rubber.  They use cushioned mats for the weights.
  • Most expensive CrossFit gym in the Chicago area.  Convenience comes at a price.

Some pictures:
2. Outside

3. Inside.

4. inside, different angle

5. cleaned up.

6. side 1.

7. back

8. kitchen

9. GHDs and PRs

10. another side room.

10. giant whiteboards for workouts

11. store

Very pretty gym and definitely very convenient for travelers and those who work in downtown Chicago.  Since they have classes all day on the hour, time is not an excuse! 

Nearby Gyms: Windy City CrossFit