Wednesday, July 16, 2014

USAW National Championships -- This Weekend!

Come watch Catalyst Athletics @ Nationals!

I am on a plane to Salt Lake City now to compete in the 2014 USAW National Championships!  I can't believe it's already time... and for my second Nationals!  With all the work travel I've been doing for the past 12 weeks, I lost track of time.

I think this will be USAW's biggest National Championships ever, with over 400 athletes, multiple platforms, and multiple sessions for each weight class.  I'm still lifting as part of the Catalyst Athletics Weightlifting Team and this year we have ten people going to Nationals!  I hope we medal as a team again this year!

You can watch us all LIVE at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake Cityor via webcast at:  

My blog post about Nationals.

2014 National ChampionshipsStart List | Schedule | Qualifying Totals

SCHEDULE:  All times are in MDT.
  • Friday, 7/18
    • 12:30pm:
      • Blake Barnes (M-69B, Blue Platform)
      • Me (W-48B, Red Platform)
    • 5:30pm
      • Danielle  (W-53B, Blue Platform)
      • Chelsea Ryan (W-69B, Red Platform)
    • 7:30pm:
      • Alyssa Sulay (W-63B, Blue Platform)
      • My good friend, Hillary Hegener (W-75C, Red Platform)
  • Saturday, 7/19
    • 9:00am
      • Zack Height (M-85B, Blue Platform)
    • 1:00pm
      • Jessica Salvaggio (W-58A, Red Platform)
  • Sunday, 7/20
    • 9:00am
      • Greg Everett (M-105B, Red Platform)
    • 1:00pm
      • Tamara Solari (W-75+A, Blue Platform)
      • My good friend, Sarah Hopping Estrella (W-75A, Red Platform)
    • 5:00pm
      • Brian Wilhelm  (M-105+, Blue Platform)
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