Friday, October 18, 2013

CrossFit Minneapolis

CrossFit Minneapolis

CrossFit Minneapolis was on my list of gyms to visit since it was literally in walking distance from my hotel in downtown Minneapolis.  Also the word around town about this gym was that it has a lifting focus and also had a couple coaches who had competed at Nationals.  Pretty sweet!

CrossFit Minneapolis is also sister gyms with CF St. Paul and CF St. Louis Park, so they have pretty good coverage around the area.

When I visit CrossFit gyms now, I usually have to check if they will be OK with me doing my own workout in the back or in a separate room either during our out of class.  I wanted to do the workout at CrossFit Minneapolis, but only after my weightlifting stuff.  However, due to miscommunication, I couldn't do the class.  But this is what the class did:
  • Warm-up: 400m run, running drills, kipping pull up review
  • Pre-Workout Mobility: Roller/BB Thoracic Extension
  • Workout: 4 rounds for time:
    • 400m Run
    • 25 Pull Ups
  • Post Workout: more mobility
Some things I really liked here:
  • 1 membership for all three locations: CrossFit Minneapolis, CrossFit St. Louis Park, CrossFit St. Paul
  • Multiple classes at the same time.  Since they have a separate closed off room, CF Minneapolis sometimes runs 2 or 3 classes at the same time... usually a CF class and an on-ramp, mobility, open gym, strength club, competition club, or Olympic lifting club at the same time.
  • Friendly members.  Though I didn't join the class, I did socialize and had some great conversations with a lot of the 6am attendees.
  • Separate lifting room!!!  All the equipment is there: straps, jerk boxes, platforms, racks, barbells, fractional plates, and two sets of competition plates!
  • Very high ceilings in the main room, and the rings are hung from the ceiling and not the pull up structure!
  • Free parking in downtown Minneapolis
  • 1 Shower
  • Cold water fountain
  • $15 drop in fee for the first time, $10 afterwards

Some things that could use improvement:
  • Plates in kilos for the weight room!

Some pictures:
2. rig 1 & store.

3. rig 2 and bars

4. view of front

5. wohoo for high rings!!  even for ring dips!

6. racks, rowers, & the back

7. separate weight room & space

8. platforms

9. extra space

10. WOD board

10. store

11.back entrance

It's a nice gym and the closest gym to downtown Minneapolis if you're ever there for work.  My experience at this particular location was not what I had in mind due to miscommunication but I plan to revisit since it's not a valid reason to rule the gym out.  I'll be back in Minneapolis again for work, so maybe I'll hit up the St. Louis Park or St. Paul location next!

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