Monday, October 31, 2011

Sled Pulls and Prowler Pushes

Prowler push sprint!

Ever since I injured my hand a few weeks ago (and since I started being more patient with the healing process), I have been doing a ton of leg work.  With the injury, I have a hard time securing the grip and doing any backward motions with my hand.  I cannot do any shoulder-to-overhead movements, jerks, KBS, wall balls, front squats, overhead squats, muscle-ups, cleans, and snatches.  :(.  So you know what that means?!  Until it heals, leg work all morning, every day baby.

Prowler pushes and sled pulls have always been my weaknesses.  Along with Nasty Girls and 20-rep back squats, WODs with heavy prowler pushes or sled pulls get me close to puking.  One of the few times I have to bend over and breath during the workout.  After reading Matt Chan's "Making the Most of Strength Programming," I was inspired to supplement all my heavy back squats and deadlifts with prowler and sled conditioning work a few times a week.  What better time to do it?  There are only a handful of cast-friendly movements!

Here are the different variations I do during the week.  I die every time I do any of the variations below.
  • Short Sprints: ~50m interval sprints with a light load.  Repeat for 6-8 rounds with ~90s rest between rounds.  Sometimes we like to start really light and build up each round.  Goal is to sprint and keep sprinting.
  • Short and Heavy: ~50m-100m with a HEAVY load.  Goal is to run.
  • 1-mile Sled Pulls with a manageable load.  Goal is to keep going.
  • Less-long (400m) sled pulls with a slightly heavier load than that on the mile.  Goal is to keep going.  No stopping. 
I die every time I do any of the variations above.  Also, doing with a partner makes this conditioning work way more enjoyable (Thanks Mickey!!).

Some pictures:
2. Sled pull early in the morning.  Short & Heavy.

3. Prowler push.  Short sprint.

4. The pink prowler and the Google prowler painted by Mickey.

5. Why I prefer sled pulls over prowler pushes.

Pulling a sled on the street will get you funny looks and reactions for sure.  From people taking photos of you to "you go girl" to "I can put you and your thing in my car and take you to where you need to go" to number requests.  All part of the fun!  My goals are to do heavy prowler pushes without taking a sweet break before turning around... and a mile sled pull at bodyweight without stopping!

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