Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lift Off & Send'em Off!

Ian Droze vs. Shaun Eagen at Lift Off & Send'em Off event at CrossFit Lifeworx!

On Saturday I went to watch and support our new Oly coach, Ian, at the Lift Off & Send'em Off fundraiser event at CrossFit Lifeworx.  The purpose of the event was to help raise money for Ian Droze and Shaun Eagen in their quest to compete at the Arnold Sports Festival next week!

In 1.5 hours, Ian and Shaun preformed three lifts: snatch, clean, jerk, for max weight, followed by max back squats at 375#, and then max muscle ups in 2 minutes.   Before each movement, people can place bets (donations) on which athlete will lift the most weight.  $5 got you in the door.  All proceeds from the event went to them in support of their mission to get to the Arnold.

I am so glad I went to this event.  It was definitely the best $5 show I have ever seen, hah.  Both athletes were incredible and inspirational to watch.  Before this event, I have never seen someone at the Olympic level lift.  In fact, I do not think I have ever seen that much weight leave the ground, not including deadlifts.  I have seen videos, but nothing live.  Ian's speed on the snatch and the clean was so fast that my camera at continuous-low shooting could not keep up, haha.  Had to switch that up to shoot at 7 fps.  The weight he puts up, especially for his weight class (69kg!), is unbelievable!  Ian is currently ranked second in America in his weight class.

Some pictures:
2. Ian almost had the 260# snatch!  He's done 265# before, check it out here.

3. Shaun successfully cleaning 315#.

4. Ian - 345# clean at 70kg!  He moved so fast that my photos are blurry.

5. Shaun, 345# jerk.

6. Ian - 335# jerk.

7. Ian on back squats... 365# for max reps 

8. And immediately after all that, 16 muscle ups in 2 minutes for the fanale!

9. Overall performance: snatch, clean, jerk.  Impressive!!!

Once again, awesome job to both Ian and Shaun!  I wish them nothing but good luck, PRs, and happy times, at the Arnold next week!  In the mean time, I am glad Ian is back in town and coaching the Barbell Club at NorCal CrossFit!  I am already learning soooo much!

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