Monday, February 27, 2012

CrossFit Waikiki at the Ilikai

CrossFit Waikiki is right next to the beach!

CrossFit is getting so popular in Hawaii!  Just when I think I visited all the boxes on Oahu, I hear about a new box that is about to open.  This past Saturday was CrossFit Waikiki's grand opening, conveniently during the weekend I was home.  CrossFit Waikiki is located in the Ilikai Hotel in Waikiki.  There are only a couple boxes on east Oahu so I was very excited for their grand opening.  Saves me and everyone else who lives on on this side of the island a long drive in traffic.

The grand opening had three free classes during the day: 11am, 12pm, and 1pm, and a party (with Paleo options and drinks) in the evening.  The Grand Opening Partner WOD:
  • Warm up: jump rope: singles, one-foot, running, etc; stretching.
  • For time: 50 partner jumping singles
  • 3 rounds for reps.  2min at each station, 1min rest in between each round.
    1. Partner Wall Ball Shots
    2. 2 by 2 Partner Lateral Burpees
    3. Partner Plank Hold/Push-up

Some things I really liked here:
  • Prime location!  especially if you are on vacation on Oahu!  There are only a couple boxes on East Oahu currently.  CrossFit Waikiki will probably be walking distance from your hotel (or in your hotel!), and if not, free valet parking.  It is also close to Ala Moana and next door to the beach!
  • Great trainers!  I got to meet John and Marcus.  Super friendly and knowledgable guys.. and they'll make sure you work your butt off!  I am looking forward to doing a beach WOD with them the next time I am home!
  • Sweet, new equipment.  New gym, new equipment.
  • Air conditioned.  Haha, I put this a big plus since it gets so hot in Hawaii.  WODing in the heat adds a whole new level of difficulty.  It's no joke.  This is the only box on the island with temperature control, haha.
  • Fancy amenities.  Membership includes free valet parking (it's hard to find parking in Waikiki!)  and towel service (perks of being in the hotel?).
  • Large whiteboards.  Lots of room for everyone to post their scores, PR area, community events, etc.

Some things that could use improvement:
  • Not much to say since they just opened and are in the process of getting members and such.  Though a water fountain and a couple lady's bars would be nice!

Some pictures:
2. Grand Opening party!

3. When you enter the Ilikai, turn left and walk down the hallway.  CrossFit Waikiki is across from the beauty salon.

4. Grand Opening partner WOD!

5. Front desk and barbells.

6. 11am class doing work!

7. Rogue rig!

8. Bumper plates, KBs, and such.

9. more equipment.

10. iPad clock & timer.

11. Grand opening noon crew!

12. Two of the trainers: John and Marcus, and I.

13. (Paleo) grand opening party food.  yummmm

Looking forward to visiting this box again, after the grand opening wave... and catching a beach WOD with the crew!  Also continuing with the trend, I am about to leave the island knowing that Blue Coast CrossFit will be opening in April.

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