Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Gym Bag

My gym bag.

What's in my gym bag?  What are my favorite accessories and why?  I get asked these question a lot both at the gym and over email.  So here is a post to hopefully cover it all.

The Bag.  I love Lululemon gym bags!  This is my second gym bag from them since I started working out... and I only got a new one because it came out in silver, haha.  It is well designed with dedicated slots for your laptop, tablet, and phone.  This bag became more than just a gym bag for me.  I use it also for work.  I also bring it when I travel.  I can fit everything I need.  The only thing I don't like about is that the shape doesn't hold up well.  The price point is also kind of steep for the quality but like any Lulu addict, I think it is so cute!  The other bag I think is super cool are the Adidas duffle bags since they have dedicated compartments for multiple pairs of shoes and knee sleeves.

2. Lulu gym bag in silverrrrr.

What's always in my gym bag: ....and my favorites.  I am probably the queen of accessories, chalk, and band-aids at CrossFit Mountain View.  Whatever, I come prepared!
  • Progenex Recovery - my favorite product from Progenex.  One serving in a blender bottle ready to be consumed post WOD.  I would say I'm pretty addicted.
  • Reebok CrossFit Nanos 2 - the CrossFIt shoe.  Best part is they come in small sizes!  Women's 5!  I really don't have much to compare to, other than the VFFs.  I like these better than the first generation ones since they are wide-feet friendly and the shoe laces actually stay on.  They also don't get destroyed from rope climbs.
  • Lifting Shoes - I pretty much have all of them: from the old school adiStar's, Pendlay Do Win's, Rogue Weightlifting Shoes, and my most recent purchase, the Nike Romaleos 2!  My current favorites are the Nike Romaleos 2 since they are super wide-feet friendly, haha... and also because they are bright yellow!  I want to like the adiStar's but they are so damn tight!  My fat ass Hawaiian feet are numb for a long time after taking them off.  :(.  Anyway, basically anytime I see a pair of oly shoes in a 4, I buy them.. and you know what, they all get used!
  • Again Faster Revolution X Rope - my favorite jump rope, hands down!  I like it because it is light and because it spins so fast.  I can do around 50 DU in just over 20s.  I have the old version of this, without the coating.  
  • Wrist Wraps - I tend for forget this at the gym so I bring two pairs: the Rogue Wrist Wraps and the Strength Wraps.  I prefer the Rogue ones since there is less overhead to get on.  The Strength Wraps are nice though since you can adjust the tightness.
  • Lifting Straps - Grip savers!  I use them in barbell club.  I like these because they are thin around the wrist and have a hole pre-sewed.  I also have lifting straps from Spud, but I don't like them as much since the logo gets in the way.  I think my hands are too small for it.
  • Athletic Tape - I'm probably the #1 tape consumer so I have my own stash.  I really like to tape my thumbs.
  • Medi-Rip Self-Adherent Bandage - favorite tape to use for tears.  Check out my Blister-Free Pull-Ups post.
  • Fabric/Elastic Bandages - In addition to serving it's real purpose, they are great for preventing tears, especially when used in conjunction with athletic tape.  I'm probably the #1 bandage consumer, too.
  • New Skin - to use on fresh tears to speed up recovery.
  • First-Aid Ointment Packets - Our gym is dirty.... and I'm a chick, I come overly prepared.
  • Socks: both knee-length and no-show's.  Love the high socks for deadlift and rope climb days.
  • Extra workout tanks - I don't reuse.
  • Extra hair tie.  The Lucky Color Gum is my favorite brand because you can customize the length of the hair tie.  Brilliant!  I don't know why other hair tie makers don't do this!  It also stays on very well.  They are available at Long's in Hawaii... I have not seen them here.  :(
3. Mama Jes.

4. Wallet + extra tops in the side pockets.  Not pictured: tablet slot.

5. The best hair ties ever.  Seriously.

6. What the inside of my gym bag actually looks like and my obsession with putting everything in plastic bags.  So Asian.

  • Lifting/Weight Belt - I don't use this very often.  Pretty much the only time I use it nowadays is during competitions.  For all you ladies with a 23-24" waist, there is a weight belt out there that fits!!  The Schiek Nylon Lifting Belt in XXS!  I absolutely love it!
  • Knee Sleeves: I have both the Tommy Kono ones and the Rehband ones.  I prefer the TK ones, but they are harder to get on.  I use this less frequently than the weight belt and just in competitions.  I guess I'm not used to the feel yet.
  • Magnesium Carbonate Chalk - hahaha, just in case.  This should go in the list above since we run out of chalk all the time.
7. Optional gym bag items.. all in Ziploc bags haha.

Picture recap of what I bring to the gym everyday:

4. All items in my Lulu!

I hope this helps and that you guys found it somewhat useful!

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