Thursday, October 11, 2012

Delicious Karma Review

Delicious Karma!

As you all know, I am a huge foodie.  I love cooking with premium, natural, and local ingredients. But sometimes these ingredients are hard to find or expensive.  Looking for grass-fed beef, free-range chickens, or wild mushrooms at a discounted price?  Check out Delicious Karma!

Delicious Karma is a social shopping site that makes it easy for food lovers to discover, learn about, and buy exceptional artisanal and gourmet foods at great prices.  Based in San Francisco, this start up is also passionate about supporting the community of artisanal food vendors by providing them an efficient way to get their products out.

Currently, you have to register to access the site.  Members are introduced to new foods via special sales that last 3-7 days.  During this period, members can buy the new foods at 30-50% off before they are moved to inventory.  Upon registration, you can also use my promo code: JES10%OFFDK for 10% off your first purchase... or used with Karma Kredits for up to 30% off!

  • Actually delicious, high quality, foods!  They have a council of "Taste Gurus" who sample all products beforehand. I've ordered several things from here and liked it (check out the stuff I ordered below).
  • The special 3 to 7-day sales actually do make the products cheaper than if you bought the counterpart in stores, including shipping.  30-50% off!!
  • Variety of quality products.  On their site you can navigate through meats, seafood, cheese, pantry, sweets, harvests, drinks, and even kitchen gear, as well.  The site currently features over 500 products from almost 100 different vendors and this number is growing as new products are launched weekly!
  • Plenty of Paleo/Primal options especially in the meat, seafood, pantry, harvest, and cheese sections.  Just among meats, they offer beef, lamb, chicken, pork, goat, wild boar, and even antelopes!  Grass-fed, free-range, and humanly-raised.  In addition you can get raw dried snacks, olive oils and balsamic vinegars, spice rubs, and dried wild mushrooms, just to name a few.
  • Shipped directly from the farm/company.  There's just something nice and genuine about this.  Also, meats arrive rock frozen... even after sitting outside my door for 10 hours!
  • Giving back to the artisanal community.  DK is committed to donating 1% of the company's profit, time, and equity to their "Karma Kauses".
  • Before purchase, you can use "Karma Kredits" for an additional discount, usually up to 20%.  Karma Kredits are points awarded for participation.  There are many ways to easily accumulate Karma Kredits such as referring a friend and following them on Twitter.  Soon, you can also donate your Karma Kredits to Karma Kauses.
  • Company/Farm profile on each product page.. along with a "taste guru" review, and useful information such as list of ingredients, allergens, and care instructions.
  • You can usually get an additional discount via Karma Kredits and/or promo codes.  You can use my promo code: JES10%OFFDK for 10% off your first purchase... and yes, you can use this in conjunction with Karma Kredits for a bigger discount!!!  Approximately 30% off total (with Karma Kredits), making those specials extra enticing!  

To improve on:
  • Shipping on meats and seafood, can get expensive.  They must be shipped frozen and hence usually 2-day air.  According to Michelle, DK's  co-founder, the shipping charges we pay is already subsidized a lot!  It would be awesome if they can come up with a free-shipping plan.
  • More vendor variety among seafood and meats.  This will only come with time, as Delicious Karma is only a couple months old.  I hear they have a few farms in California in the pipeline!

About Delicious Karma:

2. Co-Founder Michelle three-minute video on Delicious Karma.

My Purchases so Far (all Paleo-friendly):  I bought all these items when they were specials (30-50% off).  My favorites are the dried snacks and the black trumpets and chanterelles.  I would purchase those again as regular price!   I really enjoyed how the products came straight from the farm or company that made them.  It was also very nice to see that a lot of my purchases were local!

3. Grill Lover's Grass-Fed Beef Bundle: 4.25lb of rib eyes, filets, and new yorks.

4. 100% Grass-Fed Beef Jerky Sampler: Classic, Korean BBQ, and Sichuan Ginger.

Following this post I will have reviews for my purchases: beef, dried snacks, truffles, and the chanterelle family.  A couple of those posts will also include recipes.  I am excited for all the new products to come, especially the meat!

I highly recommend you all sign up for Delicious Karma, check out their products, and try their service out.  They post new products weekly and they have a lot of features rolling out soon.  You can use my promo code: JES10%OFFDK for 10% off your first purchase, and also in conjunction with Karma Kredits for up to an additional 30% off!  Try it out and let me know!  I've been using their service since their launch and loved it ever since.  Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do!

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