Thursday, July 26, 2012

Valley CrossFit - New Location!

5pm class at VCF!

On our way to Carson for the 2012 CrossFit Games (post to come soon), six of us from NorCal CrossFit decided to hit a WOD at Valley CrossFit, just like last year!  I really wanted to stop by because every time I've been here, I had a ton of fun, learned new things, and got to play with some cool new equipment that we don't have at our gym.  But on top of that, I really wanted to see the new location in person!

We arrived here way earlier than expected and the gym was actually closed.  Just as we were about to leave to checkout CrossFit Mean Streets, one of the trainers pulls in and lets us in.  Great timing!!  They let us hang around and do our own thing for a bit until the 5pm class.  So many new equipment to play with!  They now have ski ergs, the Rogue Cannonball grips and the giant basketball-size version of that, Rogue matador, watt bikes, 30# med balls, and a section of the Killer Kage!  I'm sure I missed a bunch, too.

Bonnie led the 5pm class and this is what we did:
  • Warm-up: 400m partner carry, mobility work
  • Zercher Carry with Yoke.  My first time!
  • 10min AMRAP: 
    • 10 Walking Lunges: 65#/45#
    • 15 Push Presses 65#/45#
    So it didn't look too bad on paper but it turned out to be a deceivingly tough workout!

Some pictures:
2. New spot!

3. Large chunk of space.  View from the right entrance.  I think the space is similar in size to the old place, but much more usable continuous space.

4. Ski ergs, airdynes, yokes, watt bikes, and other fancy equipment.

5. View from the left.

6. The rig... part of the Killer Kage from CrossFit Games 2011!

7. Walls, ropes, stretching area.

8. Gymnastics area with spring flooring!

9. Barbells & weights.

10. Cute new women's bathroom sign.

11. WOD board.

12. Mike!!!

13. NorCal CrossFit @ VCF.

I've been here three times so far and it is still one of my favorite boxes to visit!  There are so many other boxes in the LA area to checkout but I always have to stop at Valley.  After the games it looks like VCF now has the equipment used in the "Double Banger" WOD.  Looking forward to coming back!

Additional Visits: 11-04-2011 | 07-28-2011