Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Muscle Beach

Ripped dude rocking the rings.

Every time I go down to LA, I try to hit up Muscle Beach in Santa Monica... even before CrossFit.  Except now I can do more than play on the swings!  This is probably one of my favorite places to hang out in southern California.  I like the atmosphere and I enjoy people watching, meeting people, and testing my physical capabilities here.  Rings + beach + nice weather + real sand, what more can I ask for?!

Pictures: These pictures are from my visit last month.  Somehow I forgot to post this earlier.  We spent hours playing with the rings, ropes, pull-up bars, parallettes, and swings.  This was the third time someone tried to teach me how to swing on the rings and I still failed miserably, even after 11 months of CrossFit.  I hope this does not end up like ice skating.  Anyway, photos!

2. Ring fun 1.

3. Ring fun 2.

4. Ring fun 3. Unfortunately, I still can't swing on the rings like this.

5. But I can do this.

6. High rope climb!  Around 25-30 feet.  No exactly sure.

7. Yay!  Next time, I want to climb this using only my arms.

8. Got so excited I was wearing pants for the rope climb and totally forgot I had poor footwear.

9. The Man Test.

10. Wish Muscle Beach was closer :(

11. Eugene trying some new tricks.

I hope every time I come back here, I can do some thing new.  My goals for next time include conquering the double rope climb, doing a handstand on the parallettes, and actually swinging on the rings... at least one way!