Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Potluck at KI Athletics

KI Athletics' Thanksgiving Paleo Potluck!

Last Friday was KI Athletics' first annual Thanksgiving Potluck and Canned Foods Drive.  I was super excited since it's been awhile since we had one of these events and because I love Thanksgiving food!  I had a great time catching up with people and meeting other members.  There was really good turnout from both gyms and tons of delicious food, even for people who came late!

We were all told to bring in a Paleo dish or money and a canned good to this event.  I brought my Paleo Stuffing.  We have a lot of great cooks at our gym!  I hope someone gets the recipes out soon!

Picture time!    Thank you to Jeni for taking some of these photos!  I brought my camera but somehow I did not take very many pictures =/
2. People in line for food!  So much variety!

3. Seating.

4.Stacy and Robin enjoying dinner.

5. Large turnout from CrossFit Mountain View!

6. I picked up Russ!!!  He's almost 2.5 Jes'!

I love it when we have these gatherings and hopefully we will have more!  A huge thank you to the KI Party Commitee: Theo, Mariko, and YuJin, for a very well organized and fun event.. and for making sure we did not run out of food!

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