Monday, November 14, 2011

CrossFit Los Angeles / CrossFit LA

CrossFit LA!

While in LA last weekend, I made some time early Saturday morning to get a WOD in at CrossFit Los Angeles in Santa Monica, CA.  I chose to come here since CFLA is the closest CrossFit gym to Westwood, Shirley and Alyssa from Sweet Cheeks workout here, and because I wanted to check out a box that participated in the CrossFit Games this year.  At the games, I sat across from CFLA folks in matching baby blue jerseys.  I remember all of them cheering at the top of their lungs, especially during the team rope climb WOD.  Conveniently, CFLA is also the closest CrossFit gym to Westwood, where I stayed.

I came in bright and early for the 8am class last Saturday with Steve and Matt.  I also had the pleasure to meet another one of their trainers, Sam.  This is what the class did:
  • Warm-up: Long run; Plank circle: everyone holds plank while each person in the circle does 1 push-up.  That's round 1.  Increase number of push-ups each round.  Wrist and shoulder mobility stretches.
  • Shoulder-to-overhead (shoulder press, push press, jerk) instruction and practice.
  • For time: 20-15-10: 
    • Shoulder-to-Overhead 135#/95#
    • Burpee Pull-Ups
    • 200m Run
    I did shoulder press for this WOD since I still cannot do any push presses or jerks yet.
I really like the plank/push-up circle warm-up!  

Some things I really liked here:
  • Multiple instructors per class.  I don't know if this is just a weekend thing or part of the CFLA instructor program, but we had two instructors for class on Saturday!  Another set of eyes on movements and technique and the extra encouragement are always great!
  • Large whiteboards everywhere!!  Goals board, new members board (with pictures), PR boards, community boards, you name it!  Very informative and very welcoming!  Also got a good sense of the strong community there.
  • Store for snacks, supplements, apparel, and equipment.  Seems like CFLA is a Stronger, Faster, Healthier affiliate since they sell SFH fish oil and protein.  I think it's kind of dick when gyms charge for water, but I love the idea of a CF gym selling clean snacks and such... especially since some of this stuff can only be bought online, with no free shipping!  They had LaraBars, PaleoKits, coconut water, etc.  They also sold rings, foam rollers, and abmats.  Creative.  If I was not catching a flight, I would have bought some fish oil!  If you want water, they have a cold water fountain and also a hand sanitizer machine right above it.
  • Structured, organized classes.  Before starting the WOD, we all set our barbells up at a colored "X," claimed a pull-up space, and faced the clock.  They have purple and yellow X's marked on the ground to efficiently and safely accommodate different class sizes. After everyone finishes the WOD, we cleaned up as a class, not just our barbells, but also the chalk markings on the floor. 
  • Lots of class time options, including on weekends!  They have at least 8 different class times during the weekdays.  As for the weekend, they have three classes at 8am, 9am and 10am!

Some things that could use improvement:
  • No blog posts on the weekends?  There are classes all morning on the weekend but no blog posts for those days.  

Some pictures:
2. Whiteboards...

3. ... white boards....

4. ... white boards...

5. ... white boards for each day...
6. ... more white boards: PR Board...
7. ... and also for the kids!

8. 8am WOD action in the main room.
9. Post-WOD in the main room.  The purple/yellow X's are used when classes get largeee.
10. Wall balls, KBs, benches, GHD's.
11. 9am-er warming up!
12. Part of the store.  They also sell rings, abmats, apparel, tape, etc.
13. New members board.. this is awesome!
14. 8am crew, post WOD.

I had lots of fun at CFLA!  Unfortunately, I did not meet Shirley or Alyssa.  Maybe I have to come on a weekday.  Next time!

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