Thursday, March 6, 2014

CrossFit Posted

CrossFit Posted

I visited two CrossFit gyms while in Burr Ridge, IL for work.  The other gym I visited was: CrossFit Posted!  Like my other inquiries, I originally asked to do my weightlifting programming and got the green light.  However, I ended up getting that all done before the trip so I opted for the class.  They were happy to accommodate either way!

I had the pleasure of taking a class from one of the owners, Mike.  This is what we did:
  • Warm Up: Row or DU, mobility
  • Skill/Strength:
    • 6 rounds: max effort L-Sit
    • Toes to Bar
  • Workout: 4 rounds for time:
    • 15 KBS 1.5/1pood
    • 15 Push Ups
    • 500m Row
Some things I really liked here:
  • Passionate, caring, knowledgable coaches.  Mike and Jason were super accommodating.  They even provided me their mobile numbers just in case.  Mike lead a great class: motivating folks while they worked out and providing feedback when necessary.  I also learned a lot about the gym and how it got started and such too.
  • Gym atmosphere: high ceilings, garage doors, well lit, large area.  
  • Friendly, outgoing members.  A lot of people showed up for the 5am class, and I got to meet every one of them!  
  • Variety of equipment: airdyne, competition plates in pounds, weighted vests, parallettes, benches, farmer's carry bars, and jerk blocks made from Greg's instructions!
  • Organized and clean facility.  
  • Although the middle area of the gym is uneven, they make the best of the space they have around it.  They're working on expansion plans to take over the space next door.  
  • An entire wall for the whiteboard!  They used whiteboard paint so that they can write on the wall.  It looks really cool and is working out well for them.
  • Cold water fountain!
  • Visitor friendly :)

Some things that could use improvement:
  • Perhaps a noon class?  They have many classes in the morning, evening, and even Sunday's, but don't seem to have a noon class on weekdays.  Check out their schedule.

Some pictures:
2. Outside, bright and early!

3. directly in front of entrance

4. to the right

5. side

6. pull up structure

7. jerk boxes and competition plates on the far right corner

8. far right corner

9. barbells & view from far right corner

10. racks

11. opposite corner

12. rowers

13. view from the pull up structure

14. entrance

15. cool whiteboard!

Nice box, friendly members and passionate coaches.   Can't really ask for more.  I had a great time at CrossFit Posted and hope to return again the next time I'm in town!

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