Friday, March 1, 2013

Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave

Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave.

So while in the city, I really wanted to stop by the flag ship and super popular: Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave.  If we ignored the Reebok label for a second, there were still many other reasons to visit this box:  prime location, largest box in Manhattan (not to mention, on the ground floor), and from the photos online.. it looks super sweet (the pull up bars looked glow-in-the-dark, lol).  And if you weren't sold on all that, they even have the concept of an "express WOD": same workout but in half the time.  This is especially great for travelers or those who live the busy city lifestyle.

That being said, I was extremely disappointed.

We came in for the 12:30 "Express" WOD, which is a 30-minute CrossFit class, open to those who have been crossfitting for more than three months.  You warm up on your own and the class is just the WOD.
  • Strength: Every 30s for 5 minutes: 2 Power Snatches @ 75-80%, 5 Push Ups.
  • Strength: Every 30s for 5 minutes: 2 Power Cleans @ 75%-80%, 5 Air Squats.
  • 3 rounds for time, 12min time cap: 
    • 20 KBS 2/1.5pood
    • 15 Burpees to a 4" target
    • 10 Strict Pull Ups

Thoughts: Please note these are just my thoughts based on my one visit here. 
  • Not $20, but $30 DROP IN FEE per class... and no, you can't bring a shirt from your box to trade or buy a shirt to waive or offset that fee.  This information is not on their website.  Prior to visiting, I even emailed and called a few days in advance.  No response.  Oh, and since I did the "Express WOD" class, that pretty much meant $1/minute.  I get that some boxes charge because of the volume of visitors they get or to help pay the bill, but $30/class is crazy.
  • This is not a Rogue gym.  The gym looked nice, not just in pictures but in real life, but the equipment and facility quality are poor... and dangerous.  The ground is hollow, so every time someone dropped their weight, the floor shook.  The lifting platforms were very slippery and hence useless and just for show.  We both started the EMOM on the platforms and then moved to the rubber flooring since we were slipping.  The barbells were smooth and didn't spin.  They had a lot of equipment though.  Some were even color coded.
  • "Express WOD" is total gimmick.  It seems like a cool concept, except it's not actually a 30-minute class.  On days with a strength component, you need to come in early to do the strength stuff beforehand.  Good thing I mistakenly thought the class was at noon or else I wouldn't have time to do part of the workout, let alone warm up.  We were also our own time keepers for the strength part.  The conditioning part didn't even start until 1pm, making the total time, just like any other CF class: ~1 hour.
  • Globo Gym atmosphere.  Unfriendly and ignorant front desk staff.  Towel service for $3.  And they will try to sell you anything for some $$$: Reebok gear, water, Wodify accounts, etc.  If you're extra nice though, they'll give you a 15% off coupon.  They did tell us they have to charge for everything because having a box on the famous 5th Ave is expensive.
  • Open gym.. pretty much all day.  Piggy backing off of the globo gym CrossFit box, you can come in whenever you want and pretty much do whatever you want.  After all, they have so much space.

Some pictures:
2. located downstairs.

3. Rig and platforms..

4. Left side.

5. Giant clock, music, Wodify.

6. Whiteboard.

7. GHDs, medballs. 

8. Back of the room.

9. KBs.

10. percentages chart...

11. rig decoration.

After my very disappointing visit at Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave, I highly doubt I will be back.  I haven't been CrossFitting enough to see how it was like back in the Aromas days, but I was CrossFitting for some time before Reebok.  It's a shame to see the CrossFit culture degrade and quickly change into a commercialized business.  Anyway, if you're in the New York City area, I highly recommend CF South Brooklyn or CF Virtuosity.  They're both in Brooklyn, but very accessible by train.

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