Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sweet Whole Foods Deal & a Great Day at the Gym!

Awesome Whole Foods deal via Amex and Facebook.

American Express and Facebook recently launched an awesome deals program called "Link, Like, Love" where cardholders can get deals based on what one "likes."  The process is very fast and simple: link your Amex card, "like" a deal, then go out and get the deal.  If you are an Amex cardholder, I highly recommend checking this out!

They have some awesome deals!  My favorite one is the  Whole Foods deal, which is a $5 credit with a purchase of $20 or more!  I wish I could use this deal more than once!

In other news, I had an awesome day at the gym today!  This is what I did:
  • 5x1 Heavy Full Squat Clean - new PR of 113#!
  • Power Clean & Jerk practice
    • Learned how to string these babies together for a high-rep metcon WOD
  • Strung 19 Double-Unders in a row during warm-up.  Longest streak yet!
  • Muscle-Up practice
    • Strict Muscle-Up: I can string 2 in a row now!
    • Kipping Muscle-Up: One of my July goals, almost got it but I could not lock out fully at the top =/.  I am really happy to have at least made it to the receiving position.  This is a first.
  • 20min AMRAP: 10 Deadlifts 225#, 3 Wall Climbs, every 4min, 200m run.
    • Did it at 133#.  11 rounds.
Now I am super soreeeeeeeeeeee.  What an awesome day at the gym!