Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Muscle Ups at the Park!

Muscle Ups at the Park!

Bored?  Need a break?  Got 30 minutes to kill?  Instead of going on Facebook, grab a pair of rings and toss them over a tree branch!  Doesn't matter what time it is or what you are wearing.  Bust out some muscle ups, ring dips, ring rows, ring push ups, ring handstand push ups, and more!  My favorite pair of rings are the Rogue Wood Rings.  They are light, portable, easy to assemble/disassemble, and not slippery.  There is no need for chalk.

2. Heading to the park.

3. Rings were up in a couple minutes.

Muscle-up time!

4. Start

5. Super deep receiving position

6. Good times!

You can set these up anywhere: at home, at work (haven't got in trouble yet), at the park, or some random place.  Surprisingly it was not very difficult to find something to suspend them from: tree branches, apartment railings, roof, monkey bars, etc.  Also a great way to meet people!  I am going to start carrying these in my car, for sure!

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  1. haha, that's how I am with my RX Jump Rope. Almost always have it on me or near. I used to be like that last year with my rings, which I got from here http://ringtraining.com/shop/exf-rings.html I guess I need to do the same and throw them in my trunk as least.
    congrats again on the MU and awesome you are continuing to do them randomly!

  2. Thanks Frank! Still need to get a kipping muscle-up though. I also bought an RX jump rope! I should probably start carrying that everywhere too since my DUs can use a lot of help!

  3. Hey Jes it's awesome to see you having fun while exercising. What in a home would you use as a support for the straps though?

    1. Hey Jeff!

      Thanks! Indeed, I am having a ton of fun!

      I usually use a large tree. I also have ? hooks attached to the large 4x6 beams (not quite sure what they are called but it is a large thick long solid piece of wood used for building patios), where I hang the rings. I also know people who hang rings in the garage on a large metal beam.

      Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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